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Interview with Umeji Tatsuya - MC for Rise

Today I'd like to share an interview with the MC from my book Rise, Umeji Tatsuya, by a rookie journalist from the local paper.  
Umeji Tatsuya
Umeji Tatsuya by Odette.A.Bach
A reporter steps in front of a man exiting the TaniMart parking lot. The target looks to be in his twenties, sporting chin length hair and a sukajan jacket for a casual rebel look.   "You're Umeji Tatsuya-san, right? I'm Konya Yasushi with the Nonogawa Times interviewing random people on the streets. May I ask you a few questions?"
(He stuffs his hands into his pockets.) I don't do interviews.
There are a few rumors floating around town. Wouldn't it be good to put those to rest?
(His eyebrow raises though he waves off the reporter.) Thanks, but...
(He shoves his mic at the target.) Is it true you used to be in the yakuza?
Random? Pfft. (Muffled swearing.) Yeah. I was in the mob for seven years, but I've left that life behind. Permanently.
Rumors are going around that you have interesting tattoos. Would it be possible to see them?
(He rolls his eyes.) You wouldn't believe how often I get that question. I came here to start over, not show off my past.
by Evgeny Tchebotarev
Nonogawa's just a tiny town. So why here? Wouldn't it be easier to blend in when living in the big city? That's where you came from right?
It would have been too easy to slip into old ways back in Tokyo. When the prison connected me with Satou-san, I figured this was my best chance, and I'd not been outside the Tokyo area before. Okayama Prefecture is known for its beauty, and I wasn't disappointed by the autumn colors. Everyone's been friendly too. Though, there was a rough patch after people learned about my past.
What happened? Who was the first to find out?
(He shrugs, mutttering, "In for a penny, in for a pound.") Well, my tats were exposed when a jar of pickled plums broke and got my white shirt wet. Then the rumor mill took over, and several people tried to get rid of me. I can't blame them for not wanting a yakuza in town. But how in the world is anyone supposed to start over if they can't keep a job? I don't know how guys do it if they don't find a support network.
How did things turn around for you?
That's the funny bit. It was Nakamura-sensei who first saw my potential when the town learned about my past. It's totally ironic because she was the first to try to get rid of me. But I helped her after an accident, and things changed.
So you hang out with an old lady?
(Chuckles.) Yeah. She's helping me catch up with the schooling I missed out on. Speaking of...Sorry, I'm late for my lessson. Gotta go! (He bobs a bow before taking off at a jog.)
(He follows, but can't keep up while lugging a heavy camera.) Wait! What about the rumors of magic and mythical creatures? The public deserves to know!
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Do you have any further questions for Umeji? (The author has an in with him and can probably get an answer if it doesn't involve big spoilers.)

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