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Interview with Nakamura Hisako

Today I'd like to share an interview by a rookie reporter with one of the major characters from my book Rise, Nakamura Hisako.  
Nakamura Hisako
Nakamura Hisako by Odette.A.Bach
A reporter strolls over to a little old lady winding her way through the park. She looks to be in her seventies and is bundled up in her winter coat, scarf, and hat on the blustery day.   "Nakamura-san, right? Do you have a moment to answer a few questions? I'm Konya Yasushi with the Nonogawa Times interviewing random people on the streets." Before she can answer, he barrels on. "I'm hearing conflicting reports about the relationship you have with a former yakuza named Umeji Tatsuya. Do you have any comments?"
(Her eyes narrow.) Just what are you getting at, young man?
Shoppers at TaniMart say you antagonized him and called him out about his tattoos, but now your attitude toward him is much warmer. Is that true?
(Her tone turns guarded.) Yes. He was the one to rescue me during that freak snowstorm in December. Being nicer was the least I could do.
Why would a young man visit a senior citizen every day? Wouldn't he have younger friends to hang out with?
Has Nonogawa gotten that desperate for gossip? Maybe he's a sweet young man that cares about a little old lady's recovery. Where were you when I was in the hospital after being stuck out in the freak storm? That would have made a newsworthy story. Journalism these days sure has gone downhill.
My reporter instincts say something is going on in Nonogawa and it centers on the two of you. Even him rescuing you shouldn't result in daily visits.
(She bows and her voice turns saccarine.) Have a good day. I'm off for my orchid club meeting.
But what about the rumors that you're teaching him magic? The public deserves to know!
(She sets a brisk pace away from the reporter.) What an imagination, talking about storybook things like magic, as if it exists!

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Do you have any further questions for Nakamura? (The author has an in with her and can probably get an answer if it doesn't involve big spoilers.)

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Amy is a former programmer turned author after her first trip to Japan in 2017. Now she writes Japanese myth-based urban fantasy to reconnect with the country and culture that captured her heart. She lives in South Dakota with her supportive husband, two wonderful kids, and three wily and crazy ferrets.
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