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A small town in Nonoku (Nono District) north of Okayama City in Okayama Prefecture, nestled in the top third of the Nonogawa River Valley. The community is very close knit - with the benefit of everyone helping each other, but the disadvantage of a lack of privacy.   It's on the Tsuyama Line between Okayama City and Tsuyama, so there should always be reliable train service as long as they can demonstrate a need to keep the station open.  
Rice Harvest Festival to Inari (last weekend of October), Obon Festival (mid July1), Cherry Blossom Festival (First weekend in April)
farming, logging, a few restaurants, shops, 1 super market style grocery store, several mom and pop grocery stalls, 1 drug store, hospitality/tourism (emerging)
slowing, but not as fast as neighboring towns
(town south of Nonogawa merged districts and sends their kids here) 1 elementary, 1 middle school, 1 high school, college satellite from Okayama
Local Lore
Shion was reported to live near the banks of the town. But there hasn't been a sighting in over a hundred years. Some blame the downturn in production and shrinking of the town on his disappearance.


Like most small towns in Japan, Nonogawa's population continues to shrink as the better paying jobs in the big cities entice the youth.   Most residents are of Japanese descent and are from families that were born and raised in Nonogawa for generations. Though some have come back from the big cities, wanting to get back to the slower life style.  

Other Ethnicities

1% Korean descent - intermarrying into the local population
1 Chinese foreign exchange high school student (first ever)
  Occasional tourists visit for farm stays, relax at the town's ryokan, or pass through on their way to Okayama or Tsuyama. The town council is working on a campaign to promote the village as a great place to live and raise kids and to visit for hiking, fishing, hunting, and honeymoons.   The local potter, who specializes in Raku ware just advertised for an apprentice. Rumor has it that he received applications from around the world. So time will tell who else comes to the town.

Natural Resources

Nonogawa River, national forest land

**(Fictional town)
1 - Obon is usually celebrated mid August in most of the country. But in some areas it's celebrated in July. This discrepancy is due to the old Japanese calendar being lunar based. While it's traditionally celebrated in the 7th month, the lunar calendar 7th month matches better with August.
The small town of Nonogawa in Okayama Prefecture.


  • Nakamura's House in Nonogawa
    Nakamura Hisako lives in the historic district of the small town of Nonogawa.   The house is over a century old. But it's been well kept and upgraded to have electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing. When you look out from the walkway or the upper floor on the same side, you'll see the neatly manicured Japanese style garden that Nakamura spent much of her time fussing over.   Click on the layers to see both floors.
  • Nonogawa
    The small town of Nonogawa in Okayama Prefecture.
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野々川, Wild River
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