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Hotaru Park

Nonogawa's largest and oldest park

The decided favorite of the parks in town is a large grassy expanse surrounded by a sidewalk path canopied with two rows of maple and ginkgo trees. In warm months people visiting the park are greeted by the gentle color and scent of lavender and the sound of soccer and baseball games and evening concerts. Winter brings peaceful walks and the happy sounds and sights of children making snowmen.  


Takoyaki Truck
Friday evenings from 6-9 pm (on the NE side of the park
Snow Fort Contest
Third weekend in January. If there's not enough snow, snow machines are brought in.
5k race fundraiser for the town's library
First weekend in March (Start and finish line are at the park)
Firefly viewing in late June
The pond and river draw many of the beloved bioluminescent insects. Flashlights with red filters are handed out and returned to booths at the edges of the park. Streetlights are extinguished after dark until 11:30 pm. It's the second biggest tourist draw for Nonogawa.
Hotaru Park Soba Day
a community gathering to rest on a hot day and plan for the Rice Harvest Festival to Inari


  • Playground (south side)
  • Soccer field (north side)
  • Baseball diamond (north side)
  • Bandshell (west side)
  • Pond (east side)
  • Tree shaded walking path around the park
  • Location
    in the Tatsuse ward (NW side of town)
  • TaniMart (across the street)
  • Nagashima Brewery (2 blocks to the SW at the river)
  • Nonogawa Station (2 1/2 blocks to the SE)
  • Updates
    1983 and 2005 the playground equipment was updated, 1991 a soccer field was added
    Founding Date
    Alternative Names
    蛍公園 , ほたるこうえん, Firefly Park
    Parent Location
    The small town of Nonogawa in Okayama Prefecture.
    Hotaru Park in Nonogawa

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