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Banzai Izakaya

Hands down, the best drink establishment in Okayama Prefecture.


Review for Okayama Prefecture's Restaurant Guide

As you wander the streets of Nonogawa's traditional district in the evening, you spot a red lantern hanging from one of the small shop/residences, announcing the casual, down home, friendly, and inexpensive type of izakaya. A blue noren banner in front of the door says Banzai in bold katakana script. The name may be a tad audacious for a rural town, but it brings a smile from newcomers, like us.  
Tanuki statue wearing a wide straw hat and carrying sake
by John Hill
Outside, a friendly tanuki statue greets you as he holds up a bottle of sake. It couldn't have just winked, could it?   When you peek in the bar's window, all but one of the dozen seats is occupied. The tempting scent of grilling meat entices you to enter. Instantly, you're greeted with a hearty, "Irasshaimase!" and you take the empty seat at the counter where you can watch today's special, yakitori, being prepared and chat with the proprietor.   When you receive your order, the chicken is grilled to perfection, and the recommended yuzu sake from the town's own Nagashima Brewery is an excellent pairing.   — ★★★★½ Dr. Aya Ginji, restaurant critic and local physician


The Barkeep / Owner

Noda Futoshi's hospitality will make you feel right at home as soon as you step inside. He's quite outgoing, but it's the kind where he uses his energy to focus on others.

Japanese pub where a cook is gilling meat

by Kazuo Ota

Noda grilling yakitori and chatting with his regulars.



Banzai isn't about fantastic adventures, the atmosphere, or even the excellent food and drink. It's about connections. More lifelong friendships have been created in the pub than anywhere else in Nonogawa.  


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Ground floor. Not to scale.



The small town of Nonogawa in Okayama Prefecture.
A traditional style row house and shop combo.
Construction Date
Alternative Names
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

Cover image: by Falco Negenman


Author's Notes

The tavern challenge was perfect in two ways. I got to write about izakaya, one of my favorite parts of visiting Kyoto and the last night of our tour. Plus I get to write the setting for a new short story about Noda and Aya, which I started as part of the February vssCollab challenge.  

Image notes
The noren curatain image above, was from an actual izakaya. I had a blast modifying the name on the front to fit for my article. Note, the perfect kanji 酒 (sake/alcohol) in the upper right corner was already there!

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