Inari Shrine

A small, quiet shrine to Inari outside of Nonogawa on a twisting road. At the base of the hill, you're greeted by a large camphor tree with a rope and paper ornaments. Next to it stands a cheerful vermilion torii gate leads to steps leading up. Remember you're entering sacred space, so bow before you enter and walk to the side. The center should be reserved for the Kami.
  Along the stairs, stone fox statues holding balls and scrolls in their mouths and their tails up in a position of alertness. They wear vibrant red bibs as they stand guard, ready to carry messages to and from Inari. Stone lanterns are interspersed with the foxes and are ready to light the path at night if they're lit.
  Across the way are rice fields with a path between them, more cedar, oak, and bamboo covered hills, and a few houses tucked up against the hillsides. The ground is scattered with spiral-topped acorns. A breeze blows up on the hill and you feel at home with nature here.
  Despite the shrine building it looking like it's never seen a lick of paint, it's well kept and clean. Weathered with time, the wood is smooth. White glass panes have been recently washed. The black tile roof has some leaf litter from the last typhoon that went through and a few mossy spots at the very top. Stone block and wood steps leading up are a little uneven. Across the doorway is a rope with tassels and crisp paper ornaments. Inside are the coin offering box and offering display area.
  No one knows who keeps the shrine. But those who live nearby, swear they see a multi-tailed, silver fox now and then.

Purpose / Function

To worship and leave offerings for Inari Ookami.


One open doorway.


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  • Inari Shrine and Satou's House Outside of Nonogawa
by Amy Winters-Voss

Shrine by Amy Winters-Voss

by Amy Winters-Voss
Alternative Names
Nonogawa Inari Shrine
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