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Satou's Dojo

When Satou Kazuo takes in Umeji Tatsuya until he can find an apartment, they quickly realize the need for a place to burn off stress. Umeji's reputation, as he starts his life over, brings them both unwanted attention. It takes several days to complete the project, but they clean out the old outbuilding on Satou's countryside property and redo several aspects. Then they place an image of Satou's father and his family's suit of samurai armor in the tokonoma . They also put up a rack for weapons and make storage for kendo gear.   The old outbuilding had been originally a dojo for Satou's family. After most of the family moved to the big cities, it fell to the lowly status of storage shed. The restoration thrilled Satou.  

Purpose / Function

Practicing martial arts, letting off steam. Satou hopes to allow classes for the youth of Nonogawa too, despite it being out of town. He can't teach right now, but has been on the lookout for potential teachers.


Updates that had to be made:
  • Wooden floor replaced entirely (some items stored were not kind to the floor)
  • Doors repainted and hinges oiled
  • Holes in the walls filled
  • A screen put in to change behind

  • Architecture

    Traditional plaster and wood walls, wood plank floors, and thatch roof. The raised roof allows airflow and avoids mold and mildew.


    Built with its twin out building after the original house was complete on the property, when the Satou family taught judo classes. The twin storage building burnt down in 1982 from a lightning strike, after most of the family moved to Osaka for better job opportunities. Satou Kazuo inherited the house and surrounding property. After retiring from being a club host, he returned and fixed up the house.
    Founding Date
    Room, Studio, Other
    Parent Location

    Cover image: Traditional Building by FranckinJapan


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