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Tsukaji Temple

The only Buddhist temple in Nonogawa sits at the top of Mt. Yaritake. It's one of the most popular tourist spots in the river valley.   Be prepared for a hike up 24 flights of stairs. Hand rails line each flight. Visitors may purchase water, snacks, talismans, and souvenirs at the shop.   The temple is not handicapped accessible, due to its location. So, a little shop at the bottom is available to accommodate those who cannot reach the top and to provide water for those making the journey.  

Claim to Fame

The temple is home to the Rice Harvest Festival to Inari, held annually on the last weekend of October. Crowds watch the parade of floats and the journey of the temple's mikoshi up to the temple. If a carrier stumbles or gets too tired, volunteers jump in to help. That night the sounds of taiko drums reverberate through out the valley.
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