Shitani Daisuke

I don't recall sharing it with an author or publisher. I'd only told the story to Noda-san when we were hiking in the forest years ago. Strange. But I'm glad Shitani-san recorded the tale of my clan for posterity.
  Shintani, a character of mystery. He's the author of the Myths of Japan and Obscure Yokai Languages book series and an avid collector of Japan's regional tales. The Nonogawa River Valley counts him as the official archivist of their local folklore. In his about the author sections he always mentions the drive to learn more of the yokai tales and history.   When the mayor of Nonogawa invited him to collect a cultural heritage award, he declined, stating he doesn't make in-person visits anymore. In fact, many think he's a recluse. His fan club's discord lists conspiracy theories and possible sightings of him.   Perhaps he uses is a pen name? Though, his writing style seems to have changed since the turn of the last century. Perhaps the name represents a group of writers working under the pseudonym? Is he human or yokai? Do people send in their stories to have him edit and print them for posterity?   His name appeared with the first publication of the Myths series in the late 1700s.



He and his publisher, Chronicler Books, continually add update the series. His twitter account says a new edition of the Nonogawa tales is coming this year.
  Chronicler Books is a tiny imprint of Kyoto Jidai Arcane University Publishing.  


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Unknown. Assumed to be human.
No known Shitani clan archives list a Daisuke who is an author. The clan steers clear of the male name, so their sons aren't questioned if they are the author. Many people want to talk to him. The exception being the renowned sculptor of the same name from Hiroshima. But the kanji is different in his name.
Current Status
Working on the latest edition for the tales of the Nonogawa River Valley

by Freepik

Clues to Fans Have Mentioned

  • No records of birth, death, or marriage for this person
  • No author biography in the books
  • People wondering how their yokai stories were written down. Generally, they’re glad to see the stories and regional variations recorded.
  • Advertisements in obscure yokai related publications for sharing of stories aloud. If someone answers the ad, and the person shares the story verbally, it appears in the books and the sharer is mysteriously paid as agreed.
  • Stories in his books:

    The Bard's Magic

    Life Springs Eternal at the Dragon's Bathtub
    Myth | Jul 28, 2022

    Would you risk soaking in a scalding spring in the hope of extending your life?

    Duel of a Lifetime for Two Swordsmiths

    Duel of a Lifetime for Two Swordsmiths - Part 2

    Fujimori and the Fox - Shrines of the Nonogawa Valley Myth


    Books written by Shitani Daisuke

    Title1st EditionCurrent EditionNotes
    Myths of Japan17691990-
    Myths and Folklore of Kantou18022000-
    Myths and Folklore of Touhoku18521999-
    Myths and Folklore of Kansai18782003-
    Myths and Folklore of Hokkaidou19282007-
    Myths and Folklore of Kyuushuu19322010-
    Myths and Folklore of Shikoku19372002-
    Myths and Folklore of Chuugoku19402012-
    Myths and Folklore of Chuubu19482022-
    Myths and Folklore of the Nonogawa River Valley (Local Request)195119833rd edition promised on Shintani's Twitter account
    Obscure Yokai Languages: Ryuugo1836--
    Obscure Yokai Languages: Kitsune - the Language of Gestures1889--


    Author's Notes

    This character was a mystery in my head for a long time. He finally got fleshed out and I hope you enjoy the article as much as I loved writing this strange author!

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