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Life Springs Eternal at the Dragon's Bathtub

Natural springs are popular palces for 'wild bathing' in Japan. In the Nonogawa River Valley, they say that if you soak in the Dragon's Bathtub you'll have an unusually long life and that the waters heal terminal diseases. The myth was especially popular about a century ago, when freshwater seahorses were discovered there. Unfortunately, the waters in the hot spring 'tub' are too hot for mortal skin. So how would one bathe there? Most likely using magic or lugging the water to a place it can cool first.  

The Rumors

Only two persons are known to survive a dip in the waters, and they say it healed one of a life-threatening disease. People flocked to the spring after the report, but none could handle the temperature. Though, many enjoyed standing under the warmth of the waterfall at the base of the mountain when the flow wasn't too wild.  

End of Tourism to the Spring

The day the spring almost dried up, no one cared to visit anymore. Did the water under the mountain disappear? Was there a magical reason? None of the locals seem to know.  


Will you join:
Team Umeji Team Nakamura Team Soujoubou (Book 2) or all three?

When you choose the team with the secret(s) - the secrets(s) will appear.

Recorded by
Shitani Daisuke

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5 Aug, 2021 12:51

I love this myth. I want to visit the waters for myself and stand under the warmth of the waterfall.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
5 Aug, 2021 20:02

Same! Or even just stand under any waterfall in Japan. Some of the hot springs there are popular wild bathing spots and I want to try that! (I'm old enough people aren't gonna care to gawk at me. Lol!)

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