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Kyoto Jidai Arcane University

Kyoto Jidai is the first and most prestigious university of its kind, and the only university in Western Japan which specifically recruits Yokai as students. We focus not only on the long-held traditions of ki usage but also on pushing the envelope of utilizing it with the latest technologies.   If you're interested in honing your arcane magic skills and staying in beautiful, historic Kyoto, apply today!



We recruit only the most talented of yokai mages and we know you want to join us. At KyouJi, the STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Magic) education is top notch. You can pick from ten arcane majors, including Technology in Modern Magic. We have minors in engineering and computer science and have a 97% placement rate in the mortal and yokai job categories and well above average starting salaries.


The student to professor ratio is small, so that you get the in-person education and training you need. You'll work hands on, see actual artifacts no mortals have viewed, and talk to yokai who were there before the world had writing systems. And no other school can teach you to use modern tech with your ki use!

Campus Life

Live well hidden in the gorgeous historic Gion district. (KyouJi was the force behind the ban on photography in the area, so you can have your privacy.) We have dorms with all the modern conveniences and extra layers of security wards over the entire school so you can just be yourself on campus. No need to hide as a human here!

Research and Innovation

KyouJi is the school that consistently wins the top research grants in the country. We show the world that yokai can adapt and be not only competitive with the surrounding humans, but exceed and lead them like we did in the past. Every student here researches on groundbreaking projects that will help not only this generation, but generations to come.


A Proud History

The origins of KyouJi are far older than the recorded date of our establishment with the mortal government. We've trained the best mages in the world, dating all the way back to Abe no Seimei.


Student Testimonials

I finally found peace! No more people chasing after me like they did in the Pacific Northwest of the US. And I got to learn magic and a foreign language too! Kyoto Jidai Arcane U is rad!
— Sasquatch

Keep the ancient secrets for posterity and expand that knowledge for future generations.


Will you join:
Team Umeji Team Nakamura Team Soujoubou (Book 2) or all three?

When you choose the team with the secret(s) - the secrets(s) will appear.

Latest News
The next entrance exam is in:
3 months   Foreign students may be considered for acceptance if they agree to take a crash course in Japanese language and culture.   Apply in person or online!
Dr. Uyemura Saito, PhD in Ancient Magic and Applied Math for Magic
Number of Students
151 (including 2 foreign exchange students)
Bakeneko with glasses and a lab coat
Founding Date
930AD, though KyouJi was only officially recognized as school magic in 1910.
Educational, University
Alternative Names
Kyoto Jidai, KyouJi, Kyoto Arcane U
KyouJi student
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ethnicities
Related Companies
Jidai Archane Corp., allowing the school to benefit from its research

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Author's Notes

My kids helped out with this one. It was one of the most fun dinner conversations we've had in years!

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Eternal Sage LauraVAB
Laura VanArendonk Baugh
16 Jul, 2021 03:53

Okay, you had me at "KyouJi" and then I loved that Bigfoot had enrolled (foreign exchange youkai!), but then Abe no Seimei was an alumnus and I died. XD

5 Aug, 2021 20:04

Lol! Thank you! Glad there are those fun references for fellow Japan geeks. :D

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Vivianne Morena
16 Jul, 2021 05:14

OOOh! I love the formatting of that one - like an advertisement thing that can be found in a leaflet or something. SO it CAN be a good "cast a shadow!" I've been sweating over that for days now >.< And that university sounds really cool! If it wasn't personal preferences you'd have me wanting to enroll :D

5 Aug, 2021 20:05

Thank you! I hope the idea helped with your article!

Author of the Liminal Chronicles urban fantasy series | vssCollab very short story prompts | Author Website
16 Jul, 2021 22:34

This was such a great read! Reminded me of my college days (she says, feeling old)

5 Aug, 2021 20:06

Thank you, fam! (Same on the reminded of college days. For me with eldest heading back to college it's a bit odd.)

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