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Ivy Rainfly | Member Since 3 Jun, 2020
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Currencies - Forice & Terra

Blood cocktails


My worlds are an idealistic place of how I want the world I live in to actually be. Anything I hear on the news, I see on TV, I see on the streets, anything that inspires me - be it a literal school I've been to, a human, organisation or certain action - can and eventually does get transferred to something in either Forice, Terra or any other planet of the Artterra multiverse.

One thing I try to avoid is giving my characters a set path - from birth to death. I just create them, give them a start, and let THEM lead me.

Interests & Hobbies

Writing, Drawing, Painting, Cooking, answering questions, answering prompts, doing quizzes, pretending to be a bigger introvert than I am, photography /on a hobby level - i have 2 kinds of cameras but i use my digital one mostly/; Reading - though I'm way too distracted to finish anything lately; Trimming and taking care of some flowers in the garden & Researching. RESEARCHING ANYTHING. oh, and animals. Mainly birds. But also wolves, snakes, foxes and cats.

Favorite Movies

"Harry Potter" - all of them but especially the first three movies; ; Dead Silence; ; all the Tinkerbell films, the 2010 Alice in Wonderland; The Devil wears Prada;  Just Like Heaven, The Mist /2007/ Coraline; The Sound of Music; Mary Poppins movies; anything Jurassic Park - related.

Favorite TV Series

Supernatural; NCIS; Criminal Minds; House m.d.; Monk

Favorite Books

Harry Potter - all; Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit; Mary Poppins; Five Nights at Freddy's The Fourth Closet; The Wizard of Oz; ; The Little Prince; some Wodehouse stuff /The Mating Season, Young Men in Spats, Very Good Jeeves, Ring for Jeeves/; Jurassic Park & The Lost World, etc. need to read more horror stuff.

Favorite Games

Little Nightmares; FNAF - Sister Location; I play a LOT of Hidden Object games and from them I have faves like: Dark Strokes: Sins of the fathers; Namariel Legends: Iron Lord; the "Drawn" series /; But I also play My Cafe, Manor Cafe, Townkins, Hungry Dragon, Hungry Shark /the second one? idk - the one where everything is bigger and not miniature and hard to control/ and - don't come for my head - i like Overwatch FOR THE ART ONLY. I don't like fighting games. BUT I do like the characters and film shorts for Overwatch. Also - never even seen play of it but my nickname Vivi comes from Vivi Ornitier from Final Fantasy.

Latest Loved work


A Scientific Look at the Human Species

Wolen: The Wagon of Olen