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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an old or ancient organization which still casts a shadow
A total of 474 entries

Cult of the Hooked Dagger

Olpyn Association

The Caution Advisory Council, Earth

Dragon Warrior Company

The Arnikari Empire

Reclusive Remnants

Uni dorm turned into an occult temple

Rora Royal Family

Orden der sechsäugigen Motte

The Canny Kaani

Governmental Arm of Intelligence

Die magische Akdemie von Gontas

Old Thurnetorrian Empire

Fraternitas Averni

The Consortium of Truth

The Church of Tiamat

Myciena Collective

Order of the Sand Spider

The Black Brigandines

Tetratelegramm Council

Order of the Scarlet Smile

Xander's Ragtag Band

The Royal Society of Magic

The Lister Perimeter Agency

The Noble House of Aeswick

The Old Witch Families

Empire of the Stars

Church of Khoronus

The Cult of the Chained God

The Council of Turien

The Primordial Demigods

Kingdom of Haruran

The Children of the Chosen {WASC 2021}

Order of the Rose

Knighthood of the Firstmen

Circle of the Hissing Breeze

Salt Miners Guild

Domain Seperation Party - DSP

Irewai, Evipri Perrem amp'bro: Irewa, National Establishment for the Good of

The college of wizardry

The Necromantic Ancients

Order of Nightmares

Het Micae Broederschap

HIPA - Homeland Inclusive People Authority

Ancient Dragon Council

Ellywaran territory

The Elenasia Family

The Order of Luminance

Die Tiefe Bibliothek

the Emerald Conglomerate

The Master's Descendants

Priesthood of Kaygys

Dark Ones/Shadow Worshippers - Prompt #14 an old or ancient organization which still casts a shadow

Holy Cathrican Empire

The Seekers of the Eternal Hour

The Modern Utopia Society

Order Against the Unnatural

The Srio Royal Family

Galactic Council of Genetics

Society of the Ebon Flame

The Circle of Magicians

The Smallfolk Society

The Children of Silence

Sweepers of the Astral Pagoda

Order of Eaux Dorées

The White Knights of the Frozen Wastes

Die zehnte Macht

HMS Copulatory Imperative

Manifold Marauders, The

The French monarchy

Filli's Painters

Cult of Revelation

The Triskelion School for Mages

Order of the Serpent's Blade

Iova Ka Panth: Killers of Dragons - By Natas B. Kanosis

The Forgotten Kingdom

Order of Old Lithos

The Cabinet of Black Hands

The redwood alliance

The Old Tierrian Empire

Paranth Sultanate

The House of Life

Order of the Ribboned Red

The Weltenburgh Alliance

The Glutton Family

The Watchful Order of the Dedicated of the Seawall

The Shattered Circle

The United Commonwealth of Earth

The Society of Enlightened Worlds

The Tribunal of Divine Authority

The True Church of the Humanar

The Cult of Posinu

Followers of the Abyss

The Crelian Contain and Conceal Program

Sect of the Spider Crushers

The Tamers of Deep Æter

First Uyrian Empire

Vault-Tec: Midwest Branch

Ra'sha, Harbringers of War

Spirit of the White Elephant

Servants of Ruler

Eventide Billionaire Collective

Vaspaurus Research Division

The Arcane Consortium

Tifwado Adventuring League

The Zgúrà Riders

Keepers of the Paths / another orphan meat grinder

The Temple of the Holy Mother

The Originator's Order

The Union's Guarding Eyes

The Defiler's Shadow

First Noric Kingdom

Der Orden der Dämonenherrscher

The Limitess Knowledge

People of the Eight

The Virtuous Mirror

Accidental Unicorns

The Zapaiian Consortium

Confrérie des sept

The Inquisition, a History

Readers of the Tide

Order of the Undying Serpent

Cult to the Stars

The Will of the Seasons

Kaiserreich Angoria

Valistar College of Ignus Magicks

The Solsanctima Behind the Witch’s Guild

Pre Khasa - Die alten Götter

Société de la Lune d'Argent

Kingdom of Laevenon

The Giant Kingdom

Kyoto Jidai Arcane University

Order of Tridensers

The Phoenix Accord

Sulyha's Order of Botanist-Herbalists

The Harpers at Twilight

Life Blood Ministries

Ancient Earth Nations

Order of the Banished Scholars

Prompt 14: The Legacy

Amaranthine Archivists

The First Arcanists

The Shards of Creation;An old or ancient organization which still casts a shadow

Pirate Tribes of the Windy Archipelago

Order of the Raven

The Order of the Sanguine Sacrament

The Knights of Tupaux

Order of the Five Sages

The Ikarian Empire

The Wondrous Order

Old Silvian Kingdom

Solens brödraskap.

Disciples of the Thunder Lord

The Whispering Bects

Cult of Saint Ulia

The Descendents of Kri-kik Split-tail - The Kel-rek

Church of the Fire

The Information Agency

Vladimir's kingdom

Sparkling Sky Cartel

Scientists for Future

The Association for Organized Galactic Economic Growth

Circle of Ancient Wardens

The Salvation of Ouranos

Old Kingdom of Akhenaton

The Carrinyor/Brotherhood of Carr

The Cult of Fir'Tan

The Louthian Purity Commission

The Circle of Seekers

Shadows of Pembrooke

The Night's Watch

Handwerkskammern der alten Zivilisation

National Park Service Rangers

Alton Shadow Council

The Order of Oculus

The Empire of Silrakk

The Circle of Nine

The Everlasting Empire of the Dragon

The Dreadstone Society

Lorlundian Empire

Grandmasters Guild

The Alliance of Forgotten Blades

The Children of The Moon

Imperium of Qerthéllnaval

Cult of Vishnek - in progress

Divine Imperium of Xin

The Butchers of Hell

The Masons of Abisk

Hand of the GrandMaster