The Information Agency

"The Information Agency" is a name that has long lost its meaning. It has, quite ironically, come to describe the opposite of what its members do.   The Information Agency ties its roots to when Johorne was still in its earlier days and before the Breakdown┬áhad struck it. Back then there were many aspects of Johorne's government. Being a series of colonies, the government was only formed by a collection of these self-governing bodies who agrees to a limited binding covenant. That covenant is what handled extra-colonial affairs and worked for the security of the planet. The Information Agency's job was to gather intelligence about any possible threats and to relay them to the government. From this job it derived its name.   Some time shortly before the cataclysm, the attitude of the Information Agency seemed to have changed drastically. Evidence which remains shows that they became combative with the government and developed a different agenda. What records of this time exist are damaged, and few in number to begin with.   In reality, the head of the Information Agency had had an intimate revelation from the World of Souls and realized the cause of the Galactic Cycles. Terrified of the consequences, he made it his agency's mission to prevent Johorne's destruction. After the cataclysm, his work entailed preventing Johorne from recovering her place among the stars with the rest of Humanity. However, the Silent War resulted in a stalemate, one in which there were few who remained unscathed, and among those lost was the director. With his falling, his agency was bereft of their revelation and had only his words to rely on. Suffering this lack of specificity for their direction and the following instability with regards to leadership, the Information Agency acted with as much strength as it could manage and worked towards hampering the efforts of the Lost Children and towards keeping Johorne from reaching its hand back out to space.   Ultimately, by the modern day, the Information Agency's goals have largely failed. Johorne remains isolated from the rest of the galaxy but is on its way towards leaving the solar system. Yet with renewed technology comes renewed weaponry, and the Information Agency's opportunity for causing another cataclysm have never been more numerous.
Secret, Governmental arm


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