The Lost Children

"The Lost Children" are secret organization.   Descended from those few dozen individuals spared from The Breakdown, they initially devoted themselves to reconnecting Johorne to the rest of Humanity. Not robbed of their knowledge, they were able to rebuild semblances of their civilization while the rest of the world suffered a hard reset and mass starvation.   Despite millennia passing by, the organization was unable to reestablish contact with the rest of Humanity. They had discovered that Johorne's solar system was "shrouded" by some force that prevented any attempts to send messages out of it at a reasonable speed. Being unable to achieve their goals with their limited resources, they changed their strategy. Even though many years had passed, their low initial numbers in tandem with their focus on extra-terrestrial achievement left them with slow population growth. Meanwhile, despite mass starvation, the outside world was rebounding. It was decided that efforts would be focused into rebuilding the world into a technological one, where the goal of reaching out to the rest of Humanity would be more feasible. To this end, attempts at guiding history and progress were refined over millennia.

Woe be to the lost children

Secret, Brotherhood
Alternative Names
The Institution, the Hidden
Related Myths


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