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A virgin world with its own history. Initially a colony of Earth, it was cut off from the rest of Humanity and was pushed back into the bronze age. Over the next six millennia the world would regrow by itself, forgetting its cosmic roots.   There are many stories throughout its many centuries that I plan to cover. Some interesting features of the world include getting to relive Humanity's growth from a species with humble and low standing into a race that dominates its own planet and reaches into the stars. Additionally, there exists the "World of Souls"- another dimension tied to the consciousnesses, or 'Souls', of individuals and collective consciousnesses. It is from this dimension that "Magic" is drawn.   Terrestrially speaking, Johorne is coincidentally very similar to Earth. Same atmospheric conditions, size, tilt, rotation and revolution speed, etc. It is not clear if Johorne was made to be this way by Humans or if it was just coincidence.   Near the modern day of the timeline is when Johorne should have been contacted by the rest of Humanity, and possibly threatened by Aliens or both Aliens and the rest of Humanity.


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