The Elenasia Family

Every rose has its thorns

The Elenasia family were one of the original families who migrated across the Teeth in 3830 EA during the the Crossing. Subsequently, they became one of the five ruling families for the fledgling country of Serukis. In 4463 EA, during what became known as the unification, they became the sole royal family, a position that they still occupy to this day.  


The main banner of the Elenasia family is a golden rose bloom on a dark green field. It was chosen to symbolise their devotion to the god Faolan, the Lord of Earth, with the gold colour emphasising their status as a leading family in Serukis.   There are four minor branches of the Elenasia family, and they each have their own banners that serve as a twist on the main house. All are on a dark green field and include variations on the golden rose bloom charge. These charges include a golden rose climbing a white tower, three golden rose blooms stacked on top of each other, a white rose bloom, and a golden rose bloom on crossed white thorny stems.

Family Seats

King's Rock











In Kaien

In Kaien, the Elenasia family lived in a small village called Stillcross, close to the mountain pass of the Throat, along with the rest of the original founding families. Sarah Elenasia and her son, Reth, ran a tavern called The Old Rose. The tavern had been in the family for generations and was the heart of the community of Stillcross.

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