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The Srio Royal Family

The Royal family of the former Srioni nation and the current Thermurdan nation, the Srio dynasty spans back centuries. While nowadays the name is tainted beyond any redemption thanks to actions of one of its members, Thermera I Srio (cursed forever be his name) before his treasonous actions against the Dragons the family was quite well-liked. Pitied, yes, like all their people, for the War of their neighboring countries affecting them, and then the the Auterhenatirini ice sheet claiming most of their country. But they had a good reputation (well, as 'good' as a royal family could have), and good relations to the other peoples.
This, of course, changed after Thermera I's (cursed forever be his name) actions. As he bound the Darkness Shard and with it, the Spirits of Darkness to himself and his bloodline, he made himself and his descendants the enemy of basically the whole of Issielori. But the blame of the continued hatred of the family is not solely on Thermera. Every single one of his direct descendants, the 'chosen' heirs to the ill-gotten powers, has done nothing to undo the damage their ancestor caused, to unbind the Shard and the Spirits from their control. Even at best the leaders such as the current one, Thermera VI, only avoid using the power. More despicable of course are the ones that followed in their ancestor's footsteps, using the power that never belonged to them for their own gain, spreading shadows throughout the Last Barrier to attack others with them.
Court, Royal


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