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Sparkling Sky Cartel


Donmagno/Prima Donna: Syndicate Leader/President: Work to the best benefit of yourself and the Syndicate
Don/Donna: Cartel Leader/General Officer: Make yourself and your Cartel rich and powerful.
Karr/Karra: Consortium Leader/Colonel: Lead a Consortium to affluence and influence. Be as important to Goblin Society as the lower echelons think you are.
KaxVee: Kax'Ves-ka Leader/Captain/Capo: As leader of a Kax'Ves-ka, it is your duty to be an effective and well-heeled director of said Kax'Ves-ka. Set an example for others in the Syndicate.
Vee/RaaToka: Leader/Lieutenant: Lead your Ves-ka wisely and prosperously, Bring honour and wealth to your Cartel.
KaxVes/KaxToka: Senior Member/Supervisor: Lead your Ves'a with distinction. Bring honour to the Cartel.

Ves/Toka: Member: Follow the orders of your Vee/RaaToka, bring honour to your Ves'a and your Ves-ka
Vesya/Tokya: Junior Member/Student: Train and learn and try to do your best, Earn your place in a Ves'a.


The principle belief of the Sparkling Sky Cartel is "Family First". This means that, like their rank structure is made to resemble a family, members of the Cartel are family to each other. These are your brothers and sisters (indeed, many Cartel Ves'a are made up of actual Ves'a and many times the Kax'Vee of your Kax'Ves-ka is actually your Kax'Vee. Regardless, you are expected to treat your peers, underlings, and superiors as if they were your actual family. Lorna Sparklingsky has the most loyal goblins in known space in her Syndicate.

Public Agenda

The outward agenda of the Sparkling Sky Cartel is the political and financial security of each and every member. Lorna believes in (and has mostly been proven right on) Trickle UP Economics. She judges each person who has any authority by their treatment of their underlings and if the Vesya and Ves are doing well then that will trickle up so that the Kax'Ves are doing well too.


The Cartel is fabulously wealthy with an amassed fortune that rivals the coffers of Empires. They boast over 300 ships, not including fighters, including 7 new Goblin Arks.


The Sparkling Sky Cartel in the descendants of the Meteors Cartel and the inheritors of the Dragan Syndicate. Gerdan Meteorswarm formed the Dragan Syndicate before IW1 and was a key signatory of The Solstice Pact. Durga Mithrilblade inherited the Dragan Syndicate, and Gerdan's son Larrak inherited the Meteor's Cartel. Larrak lived until well after 90 and left the Cartel to his Granddaughter Shanna Meteorswarm, who passed the organization
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Family First

Illicit, Cartel
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Sparkling Syndicate
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