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A Cartel is a specific formation made up of two to six Kax'Ves-ka, in turn made up of six Ves-ka of seven Ves'a of six Goblins, so roughly five hundred to fifteen hundred goblins. A cartel, also called a Battalion if it's focus is military, is led by a Don/Donna or Major.

The leader has near absolute control over his Cartel, though if he answers to a Syndicate, he may have a Godparent to answer to.



A cartel is made up of six goblin Ves'a forming seven ves'a Ves-ka (forty-two goblins), which in turn form six ves-ka, Kax'Ves-ka (of two hundred fifty-two goblins). At least two kax'ves-ka form the Cartel, so a Cartel starts with about five hundred four goblins but as many as six kax'ves-ka can make up a Cartel, so up to fifteen hundred twelve goblins. At seven kax'ves-kas, the leader becomes a Godparent of a Syndicate, though often, they continue to call themselves "Such and Such Cartel".


Cartels are closely associated with Merchant Ships


A Cartel has one Don/Donna, a Battalion has one Major . Each kax'ves-ka is led by a Karr/Karra or a Captain, there are six kax'ves-ka per Cartel. Each kax'ves-ka is comprised of six Ves-ka each led by a Vee or Raa'toka. Within each ves-ka are seven Ves'a, six normal Ves'a and a Kax'Ves'a. Each Ves'a is led by a Kax'Ves and has a Vesya.


Logistical Support

A Cartel requires enough ships to keep/ the entire thing mobile, so approximately three to eight ships. Each ship must maintain supplies and air.


Most cartels only recruit from Goblin-blooded, adults, of either gender or less clear. Those with training the Cartel is looking for receive preference, but ultimately the only requirement for recruitment is willingness to follow orders.


Cartels have been around for centuries, they were begun by the innovator and visionary Karr'Tahl the Controller, and in the end of his mortal life, Goblin cartels had spread throughout much of known space, and trade with the Goblins was commonplace. Then the goblins sided with the orcs in the First Interstellar War, and trade with them came to a halt. The cartels were forced into illegal trade (read: piracy) in order to make a living, and prejudice kept the goblins down, forcing them into the distant corners of the Galaxy. However,
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The Cartels were instrumental in the Exodus of Elatha, which raised their political capital immensely, at the end of the Second Interstellar War.

Historical loyalties

Historically, the Goblin Cartels have been loyal to the Fomorians, and since the founding, loyal to the Empire.
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