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A karr or karra (depending on gender) is a high ranking official within a goblin organization. A karr(a) leads a Kax'Ves-ka , which is a formation of six Families called Ves-ka. Kax'Ves-ka translates as High Family. Within a greater Cartel, there can be as many as six Kax'Ves-ka, so a Don/Donna can have six Karrs or Karras.

Rarely do Kax'Ves-ka exist on their own, usually they are part of a Cartel, though a particularily small warren could conceivably have six families, and a small factory, theoretically, could have six Ves-ka.

The word Karr (and Karra) is stolen from Balorik where it means Lord or Lady. In goblin the meaning is similar, though it has a work component to the title. A karr(a) runs the day to day operations of an organization, leaving ranks above them to concentrate on the larger picture and in a social kax'ves-ka, the Karr or Karra is like a Mayor or Burgomaster running the day to day operations of the Warren.


To preside as a Karr(a), the goblin needs to have the love and respect or fear and respect of five other families (ves-ka) as well as be the Vee/Raa'toka of their own Ves-ka


The rank of Karr or Karra is available to any goblin-blooded individual who is over fifteen years old


A new Karr(a) is appointed by the Don(na) in a solemn ceremony which helps to reinforce the loyalty of the Karr/Karra to their leader. In the case of a lone Kax'Ves-ka, the Karr or Karra is appointed by election, with candidates from the Vees and Raa'tokas, with each adult getting a vote, but Vees and Raa'tokas count as two votes.


The Karr(a) runs the day to day operations of the Kax'Ves-ka six families, including his own. He is responsible for the happiness, productivity and discipline of his six Ves-ka, and if necessary, reporting on demand to the Don or Donna.


Run day to day operations, balance books, calculate taxes, apply praise/rewards and scorn/punishments to the Ves-kas beneath him.


The Karr or Karra is well paid, materially compensated, politically powerful and socially connected.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Karrs and Karras usually have a badge of office which identifies them to their constituents

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A Karr(a) who abuses their power can be removed by the Don/Donna or in the case of a solo Karr(a) by a majority vote of the five other Vees and Raa'tokas
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Form of Address
Karr or Karra
Alternative Naming
Lord or Lady
Equates to
Lord/Lady, Daimyo, Captain
Source of Authority
The Don or Donna grants them their authority
Reports directly to
Related Organizations


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