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The revered Dons and Donnas of the Goblin Cartels are some of the most powerful, cunning and devious goblins that people of all races, including goblins, will ever knowingly meet. Though there are ranks higher than Don(na), such as Godmother and Grandfather, a standard person, even a goblin, will probably never, knowingly, meet one. Don(na)s are almost deificly worshipped by the goblins beneath them, and the sycophantic goblins will even attribute miracles to them.


To become a Don or Donna, a Goblin (usually a Karr or Karra) needs to have the minimum support of two Kax'Ves-ka and the approval of the other Karr/Karra/Captain. With that level of support, the Cartel will be taken seriously by the Great Syndicate of Cartels and the Council of Overlords. Without it, the upstart is usually put to death for the insolence of assumption. The new Cartel is often, at this point, approached by a Syndicate with a soft (usually) offer of coalition. The Don(na) is, usually, free to turn down the offer, but the benefits of being part of a Syndicate are often great.


The Don or Donna must secure their position within the organization, by winning hearts and minds of the Cartel. They must also pass muster by the Great Syndicate, where the Syndicate examines the Don/Donna's claim to the title and welcomes them to the Lord's Council.


If a Karr, Karra or Captain can gain the support of a peer of the same rank and win over their kax'ves-ka, there is usually no reason for the Lord's Council to deny their seat.


The Don or Donna oversees the entirety of the operation of the cartel. They are intimately familiar with all the inner workings of the cartel and though they may not know every individual (there is a minimum of five hundred of them), everyone who is making waves will be known to them. The Don or Donna also carries with them the Muk-ah Il-Muk, or "[the] Declaration [of] No Voice", a goblin so afflicted becomes Il-muk, ostracized and excommunicated from his Cartel.


The Don(na) is responsible for the well-being of the five hundred plus goblins under their command. They are also responsible for discipline and reward within the Cartel.


Political power and wealth are the principle benefits of a Don or Donna. The don(na) receives a tithe of 25% of all the income of the kax'ves-kas in his employ, but is responsible for all Cartel activities. They also hold a great deal of reverence and near-worship from their constituents.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Dons and Donnas are always affluent, and like all goblins they like to display their wealth in gold, jewels, furs and silks.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A Don or Donna generally is in charge for life, naming their successor in their will. Otherwise the only way for a lower rank to remove a Don(na) is assassination. Their superiors can order their removal by either death or demotion by promoting someone to their rank and demoting them down the chain of command.
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Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Father or Mother (Kax'Vee)
Equates to
Source of Authority
Mandate of Heaven or Godparent Decree (same thing as far as goblins are concerned)
Length of Term
for Life
Reports directly to
Related Organizations
Related Military Formations


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