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A Few Good Elves

A Novel by Diane Morrison

Edited by James Field
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(Disclaimer: This video was made when the idea was still intended as a fanfiction project.)


When elven Star-Pilot Shaundar Sunfall lied about his age to join the Avalonian Navy, he hoped to defend his people against their ancient enemies, the orcs. But he soon learns that war is no great adventure. Will this young starfarer survive the dangers and the horrors of the Second Interstellar War? And at what cost?

A Few Good Elves, book one of the Toy Soldier Saga, is a serialized gunpowder fantasy, military space opera novel, posted exclusively for my Patrons. I will try to maintain a schedule of posting one chapter a week. Chapters appear after extensive editing, but may experience some small changes before they see print. For more information on the series and anticipated publications, see Discovering the Toy Soldier Saga and Toy Soldier Saga Series.

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A Few Good Elves

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Copyright (c) 2011 by Diane Morrison. All rights reserved.


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