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Working on just one world for now: Maöbrah a medieval high fantasy world.
most of the stuff is now in a notebook. (due to time constraints)

Who is Akimotos?

besides that he has been immortalised in the world of
Akimotos the Knowledgeable Wise One
In real life i am not the wise one... sadly ;-)
  So, Akimotos (aki-mo-tos) who is he? Well. that would be me, the name is from an old childrens book (1935) My website: true.
Some more details: Born in Amsterdam in 1966, married in 2003 and still happy living together.   The cover image is made by myself on one of the first trips I made to the USA (15 years of military service, 2 times veteran)   My real name is Paul Fijma. I also use Tec (Star Citizen), Aktanom (several online games) and Arpat (very old)

Interests & Hobbies

worldbuilding, developing adventures (or parts)   i loved photography (nikon). Picture taken and edited with photoshop and edited with filterforge.

Knights taking a rest... by Akimotos
I have no camera anymore and dont photograph anymore.   Working with Daz3D, Project DEIOS (mapmaking) and other similar tools to add unique stuff to my worldbnuilding..

Favorite Movies

Sci Fi movies
Too much to sum up.
Star wars (first 3 original ones or ep. 4-5-6), Star trek (i find Benedict Cumberbath's role really impressive.), Aliens, avatar (sigourney weaver...) or Galaxy Quest with Tim allen (...Toolman Taylor)   I also like movies like 'In the name of the King' (quite good), 'Dungeons & Dragons' (really bad movie), 'Arn - The Knight Templar', 'Ironclad'. (really good) Some films are so bad... and still are on my list, due to something i really enjoyed. for example: 'Dragon Crusaders' where i really like Cecily Fay as Aerona, a female warror. No clue what the film was about, but her skills... awesome! I love her fighting style. Skilled in singing, dancing and ballet. She is also trained in the martial arts of Silat Melayu.   I also love many animated movies l like almost all of tudio Ghibli, but also Dragon Hunters (2008, animated) is absolute a great movie.   Pixar... yeah what can i say... i love em all.

Favorite TV Series

The Sanctuary, Star Gate, Dark Matter, Altered Carbon, StarTtrek, Deep Space 9, Babylon 5 (Awesome), sword art online 1, Trollhunters (Arcadia), 3below, dragons - race to the edge, the dragon prince, final space, the deep, game of thrones, the witcher, Mandalorian and the lucas arts Star wars series. (i do like the disney version as well, but less. it has no magic to me)

Favorite Books

Foundation and Robots series by Asimov, Started reading when i was just 6 years old and it was a littel to heavy. i restarted when i was 7 years old and i read the foundation trillogy (3 books) in about two weeks. from then on i was hooked on Sci Fi books. (loved Perry Rhodan up until ep. 222, then it was repeating itself.) great story in 'Day after Tomorrow' by Robert A. Heinlein.   There are more... but i can't remember titles i learned about slippery jimmy degriz instead. I dont like the new sci fi books as much.

Favorite Writers

m.k.wren (phoenix rebellion - awesome), heinlein, asimov, herbert, harrison..., wim gijssen, carl lans... i probably forget a few, but hey... these i remember.

Favorite Games

difficult... my favorite game. i love rpg. so skyrim, daggerfall and neverwinter. baldurs gate.   Space games like privateer, star citizen as i am always searching for the next best game to have fun with friends.


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