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Brotherhood of Shadow

The Brotherhood of Shadow is a recent phenomena that has Political Leaders all over the Fomorian and Avalonian Empires reeling. A perfect blend of Assassin's Guild, Military Power and Political Action Committee, the Brotherhood employs all sorts of tactics to achieve it's goals, from Bribery, Extorion and Blackmail to out and out Murder and Vandalism.   The Assassin's arm, called The Shadow Brothers, is populated with some of the most efficient and ruthless killers in known space, carving their enemies with their dreaded Iklwas.   The Militant Branch, known as the Adamant Legion is made up of the most feared Warriors in civilization, Wielding Iklwa and Shield, these Light Infantry are capable of armouring up and picking up Great Scimitars to act as Heavy infantry and capable of mounting up as heavy or light cavalry.   The Shadow Propagandists run all the political and social dealings of the organization, and have been known to cause all sorts of mayhem within society.   The newest branch, The Sisterhood of Dusk, is all the female members of the Brotherhood. Part Assassin, Part Propagandist, the sisters are a true terror with their stilettos.   What sets the brotherhood aside from similar organizations, is that they are Goblins, well, mostly goblins. The propagandists and the Sisters recruit from other races but the Shadow Brothers and the Adamant Legion are all goblin blooded.





The Brothers of Shadow are fanatically loyal to each other and their leader, Durga "Ghost" Bloodfist. So fanatical are they that when prevented from taking their own lives to avoid capture, they have been known to bite off their own tongues and swallow them so they could choke to death. The brotherhood has a strict code and the brothers find the code inviolate.

Public Agenda

Ostensibly, the Brotherhood of Shadow exists to further the Fomorian Empire, and they do it well


The organization is fabulously rich and has assets to spare


The Official Founding Date of the Brotherhood of Shadow, is 1st of 2nd Month 370 from the Foundation. That is the day that the Adamant Legion was registered as a regiment within the Fomorian Army. However, the 1st Legion of the Adamant Legion (consisting of a Legion of just over nine thousand Goblins, Hobgoblins, Kaxgoblins, Venngoblins, Dokgoblins, and Hatgoblins), hit the field as some of the most highly trained and disciplined fighters the Empire had ever seen, gobsmacking the Admirals and Senior Generals that General Salagar Redfeather's Adamant Legion was placed under the command of.

However, the Brotherhood is way more than the Adamant Legion, or the Shadow Propagandists. The brotherhood is a tradition that formed years earlier with the trust that an orc, named Bolvi placed in a little outcast albino goblin boy named Durga .

Ghost never forgot the trust, and did his absolute best to not let the orc down, who had entrusted him with such an important task. And that task? Surveil the 2nd wife of the Clan Heir, who was suspected of plotting against the Clan. Basically, Bolvi tasked him with being a goblin, but as Ghost knew, Goblins were never trusted with anything by a Balorian, and he was determined to not foul this up.

For this reason, Ghost mastered being invisible, not magically or psionically, but invisible in the sense of completely ignored. He could listen in on any conversation or clandestine meeting and no one paid him any attention. He was a Ghost.

His penchant for appearing suddenly in the conversation and startling the participants is what earned him his moniker, and when he, and his Ves'a uncovered Nakira's plot, it was due to this ability.

When it came time to reveal the plot to the Clan lord, Bolvi not only included the goblin in his report, which was almost unheard of, but actually credited Ghost with the operation. And he was praised by the Clan, and Clan Lord and given the right to purport himself as "of the Clan Bloodfist", the first time a goblin had ever been given that right in recorded history.

With that came his meeting with his Kax'Vee Lorna Sparklingsky. Lorna saw potential in Ghost early, which is why she formed his Ves'a, and when she learned of his honours, she quickly railroaded through a marriage to her eldest daughter, and just as quickly, bankrolled his founding the Brotherhood.

For his part, Ghost quickly came to love Gurda Sparklingsky, who encouraged him and stood beside him through all his endeavours. He began systematically recruiting assassins and spies, while turning the hearts of, first, goblinkind and later much of the Empire, into viewing the Brotherhood as a sort of hero to the oppressed.

For twelve years, until their official founding, Ghost and Gurda recruited and expanded the Brotherhood into first a Global Enterprise (spanning Elatha ) and then into an Empire spanning one. And now they are starting to push into the Avalonian controlled areas and systems, though they remain highly illegal there.
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