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Lorna Sparklingsky

Prima Donna Lorna Sparklingsky (a.k.a. Nana (but only to Bean))

Donna Lorna Sparklingsky by Jaime Buckley
Lorna Sparklingsky is the only daughter (surviving) of Alita Sparklingmoon and Selgorn Starrysky. She began her career some 25 years ago, at the tender age of 15. Lorna started as an interrogator for Godfather Dannan Meteorswarm, of the Meteors Cartel. Before she was 20, Lorna had grown to lead her Ves'a , and had managed to somehow convince Don Dannan to make her Raa'toka of her own Ves-ka. When she was 25, Don Dannan took ill. Being in his seventies, this didn't suprise anyone, it was just old age, but his Karrs and Karras, begged him to name his successor before he died. The Don assured them that he had taken care of that and gave them each a sealed letter to only be opened after his death. He instructed them not to open the letter until instructed to do so by his mistress and nurse, Karra Lorna Sparklingsky, after his death.

What he didn't tell them was the letter was trapped with an alchemical contact poison in the ink of the letter. If opened, the poison would likely kill them in short order if the ink was touched. Dannan was heartbroken when all six of his commanders were found dead beside opened letters in the morning. Everyone agreed, it was that betrayal that killed him. The letter left Donna Lorna Sparklingsky in charge of the Cartel.

Lorna immediately began to weed out those within the Cartel that would be disloyal to her. Being a Bar'Tor, Lorna was fully capable of reading Minds and intentions and was not above using it to ensure loyalty. And soon, she had some of the most loyal people in Goblin history. Lorna is not one to use simply the hammer, at heart she is a very nice person and truly enjoys rewarding those who are loyal to her and try their best.

If Lorna can be said to have a flaw, it is her explosive short temper. She gets easily frustrated, especially when things don't seem to be going her way.
The final thing that Lorna loves, even more than money, is information. Tell her something that she doesn't know and you'll have her delighted for hours, but feed her boring stuff that she already knows, and she is likely to have you thrown out. Waste her time at your own peril.

The Temple seemed exactly like a cave network; which he supposed was appropriate for a goddess known colloquially as the “Cave Mother.” Fomorians were unusually interspersed rather than segregated. Priestesses, and women of all species tended to warriors in bathhouses, massage chambers, and confessional chambers with thick doors, where a warrior could let down his guard and speak. There were also lounge areas. One such lounge was occupied by a regal, bejeweled goblin woman whom Ghost introduced as "Godmother Lorna, of the Sparkling Sky Cartel."
Shaundar wasn’t sure what the proper respectful gesture was, so he simply bowed. “Well met, Godmother.”
She let out a high soprano laugh. “A Clan Champion, bowing to me! You do me honour, Bloodfist.”
He smiled. “My clan teaches me to respect women, and leaders.”
She raised an eyebrow. “Even goblins?”
Godmother Lorna wriggled around on the chair, which was much too big for her and padded with furs and velvet. “You were right, Durga; I do like him.” Ghost smiled and bowed in turn.
She turned to Yathar. “Captain! I trust your men are enjoying their visit here?”
He laughed. “I do too, since they disappeared when I got here and they haven’t been seen since! Nor’lakaar.”
The little goblin smiled. She had a pleasing pale blue complexion and a round, cherubic face. It was impossible to get a sense of her shape under her silken robes. “So then, what can Sparkling Sky do for the Bloodfists?”
Shaundar cleared his throat. “First, I would like to thank you for helping us out in finding trade markets. Can you make any use of the Blacktusks in helping to facilitate that? And in serving as a go-between?”
She smiled and leaned forward on her throne. “I imagine it would make it easier than using Durga as our go-between all the time. But if we’re going to keep doing this, I want something more than money.” Her startling purple eyes gleamed in the light of the flickering oil lamps.
“What would you like instead, Godmother?”
She grinned, displaying a mouthful of sharp teeth. “Information.”
Shaundar couldn’t help but grin. “So would I. I believe we could come to a mutually beneficial relationship.”
“Excellent.” She leaned back in the chair and kicked her feet like an excited girl. “Let’s start with why you’ve been moving so many of your belongings around, Champion Bloodfist.”
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
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