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Born with psionic powers, the Bar'Tor are feared by all goblins.

The little goblin smiled. She had an unusual blue complexion and a round, cherubic face. It was impossible to get a sense of her shape under her silken robes. “So then, what can Sparkling Sky do for the Bloodfists?”...   “I would like to thank you for helping us out in finding trade markets. Can you make any use of the Blacktusks in helping to facilitate that? And in serving as a go-between?”   She smiled and leaned forward on her throne. “I imagine it would make it easier than using Durga as our go-between all the time. But if we’re going to keep doing this, I want something more than money.” Her amber eyes gleamed in the light of the flickering oil lamps.   “What would you like instead, Godmother?”   She grinned, displaying a mouthful of sharp teeth. “Information.”...   “So would I. I believe we could come to a mutually beneficial relationship.”   “Excellent.” She leaned back in the chair and kicked her feet like an excited girl.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  The Bar’tor are social pariahs due to the fact that they have the only physical feature that immediately distinguishes them from other goblins: blue skin. This tends to make them surly and bad tempered, and since they are smaller than other goblins, passive-aggressive and vindictive.   Bar'Tor may be any shade of blue, from sky blue, to sapphire blue and even royal blue, or they may even be slightly tinted green, with a more aquamarine or turquoise appearance. Their eyes are blue or blue-green, and their hair is either blue or green.   Bar'Tor make up about three in every 20 goblins, or 15% of the population of a given warren. Some goblin communities are so afraid of the powers of the Bar'Tor that they are killed or exposed as infants, which makes them a bit less common still.   Bar'Tor are universally gifted with psionic abilities. There is a link between the genes that code for blue pigmentation in goblins and the genes that code for psionics; one does not exist without the other. This is a normal recessive genetic trait in the goblin population. Therefore, goblins of any other type might produce Bar'Tor children, and this is more slightly likely to happen with at least one Bar'Tor parent. Having two Bar'Tor parents instead of one does not increase this likelihood.   Bar'Tor Tactician - Pathfinder 1e Stats


Culture and cultural heritage

Godmother Lorna wriggled around on the chair, which was much too big for her and padded with furs and velvet. “You were right, Durga; I do like him.” Ghost smiled and bowed in turn.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  In communities that value their Bar'Tor, they usually find places within the social power structure as advisors or judges, if not as leaders themselves.

Shared customary codes and values

She scrutinized him like a magpie considering the odds on a lunch-theft. “Would we be welcome, should we make our homes there on your lands, Clan Champion?”   “Absolutely,” he said immediately. “We like the goblin peoples, and we at least owe you a place at our table for helping us out when we needed it.”   Lorna beamed. Despite the sharp teeth, her smile was as warm as a day in high summer. “As long as you take us with you when you leave, and let us know when you plan to do so, you have our unequivocal support.” She extended her tiny hand.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  Bar'Tor often try to make themselves indispensable to their communities, in the hope that they will escape abuse or ostracism. On the rare occasion that they end up in charge, they will defend their people more vociferously than any other goblin leader might. Sometimes this actually is because they have empathy, especially those among them who are telepaths. Sometimes it is simply that they know that taking care of other goblins is in their own best interests, and they're taking the long view.

Common Etiquette rules

Bar’tor are no less abrasive and cowardly than any Bela’Wani. Anyone who knows anything about goblins knows enough to be wary of the blue ones, but that doesn’t make them any more likable, or any less smelly, than any other goblin (though the females are far easier on the senses.) However, if you can meet one on an intellectual level, they make for some fascinating conversation.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Since the nature of their social relationship with other goblins renders them at a disadvantage, Bar’tor tend to be selfish and self-serving. They tend to be irreligious or agnostic, but the ones that do follow a god tend to follow the goddess Chernobog.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Bar'Tor are often so hated and feared among goblins that they are killed or exposed as infants.


Beauty Ideals

She chuckled, and her cheekbones turned a faint lavender colour.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  Most Bar'Tor think of themselves as funny-looking, which is how they're treated by the rest of goblin society. But among one another, they value their unique shade. Some Bar'Tor dress in contrasting colours as a matter of pride, to show off their difference proudly.
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Average Height
2 feet 8 inches or about 81 cm (male), 2 feet 6 inches or about 76 cm (female)
Average Weight
30 pounds or 13.6 kg (male), 35 pounds or about 16 kg (female)

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