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The Shadow Blade

Early in his life, Gerdan Meteorswarm commissioned this blade to be constructed of the finest materials, ebony, adamantite, mithril and Starmetal. He spared no expense and had the finest enchantments placed on the weapon. It struck as true as any blade ever made, and delivered lethal blows with the flick of a wrist. Furthermore, with the weapon in hand (with or without the blade out), he could see the Airts, and survive in space, briefly. He also found that while holding the cane, he had an unerring sense of where anything (not person) within the system was, though he had to concentrate to pick out one object and the further away/smaller the object, the harder to detect. He also could not detect any living thing, unless it would be within line of sight. In other words, it was almost impossible to sneak up on Gerdan, even invisibly or incorporeally, but he couldn't track living things with the device. This immunity extended to anything carried by a living creature and to his great dismay, included Trees of Life (Starseeds), and their seeds.

The item aided Gerdan for many years and became a symbol of leadership. He passed it to Durga Mithrilblade, when he retired and through many adventures wound up in the hands of Durga "Ghost" Bloodfist, where it still is to this day.
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Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Holder
Owning Organization
1.75 kg (3.9 lb)
45 cm (18 in) blade, 60 cm (24 in) handle for a total length of 105 cm (42 in)
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
1 kg (2 lb) ebony staff
.25 kg (.6 lb) Mithril Ingot
.25 kg (.6 lb) Starmetal Ingot
.25 kg (.6 lb) Adamantite Ingot
The construction of the handle requires a woodworkers lathe. The blade requires a forge capable of forging mithril, a crucible that gets hot enough to melt starmetal to cast it, and a machine shop capable of tooling adamantite.


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