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The crazy brave among the goblins, Ip-Ara’dare means "Oath of Blood On Fire"

“Is this what they call a ‘target rich environment,’ gunny?” called a goblin in a voice loud enough for the topside to hear. Shaundar laughed in spite of himself.  Gul, that’s a fine description!” Shaundar called back, which shut down the string of expletives that Thorgir was throwing in the goblin’s direction.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
“Ghost! Take the canvas off the death-engine.”   Ghost paled. “Gul, karr.” Did he assume he was about to be ordered into the helm chair himself? Was that the source of the fear in his voice? Yet he bravely obeyed the command.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  Ip-Ara’dare means “Oath of Blood on Fire” in the old Goblin tongue. Bela'Wani are cowardly and craven; Ip-Ara’dare are anything but. Some would call them crazy brave, even by Balorian standards. As a matter of fact, Ip-Ara’dare have the adrenal response of any Goblin, they just have no flight instinct. So, when confronted with a fight or flight situation, they will fight because they don’t know anything else. They also tend to be brash, and hot-headed.   5% of the goblins making up the composition of a warren are Ip-Ara’dare. While goblins thrive just about anywhere, Ip-Ara'dare have a greater rate of attrition than most.   Ip-Ara'dare Lifer - Pathfinder 1e Stats


Culture and cultural heritage

“All right, na’kor: what did you have in mind?”   Shaundar scratched his head. “For starters, we need to get some spies inside the Bloodaxe household. Let’s talk to Ghost.”   “Ghost?” echoed Olaf uncertainly.   Shaundar shook his head. “We’ve got a long way to go, I see.”
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  Goblins are often underestimated, and the Ip-Ara'dare doubly so. Many of the other races in the Fomorian Empire simply assume that all goblins are Bela'Wani, so Ip-Ara'dare often slip beneath their notice. This can make them extremely effective as spies and informants.  
“I had a thought,” Shaundar put in. “We’ll run three-man crews. Two Pilots, one gunner, all of them crosstrained. That way they don’t literally get the life drained out of them, even in case of casualties or extended maneuvers. It’ll be a little cramped, even for goblins, but they don’t seem to mind that, and anyway, they’ll never be far from a dreadnaught.” He shrugged. One thing Clan Bloodfist did not lack for was dedicated goblins. And many would seize the opportunity to increase their status by joining the military.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  Ip-Ara'dare are exploited by the Fomorian Navy as fungible assets, useful until they burn out.

Shared customary codes and values

Shaundar had been anticipating this. “Dispatch the fighters,” he commanded. The goblin Gnat Pilots, who had been standing to the launches lashed to the Sword for a couple of hours, cut the moorings loose with savage cackles of glee, and streaked off to catch the fleeing Starseeds.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  Ip-Ara'dare are eager for opportunities to prove themselves, whether that's in their tribal communities, their cartels, or the Fomorian Empire. They want to be valued and appreciated, since they so rarely are. They will often take greater risks than anyone else when assigned to an important military role.

Average technological level

“They’re shooting at us, sir!” the goblin said. Shaundar glanced out the small porthole on the side of the craft just in time to make out the streak of a ballista bolt.   “Buzz them,” he said. “Close enough to tickle their rigging.”  Gul, karr!” the Pilot answered cheerfully. The nose of the small aerodynamic craft dipped towards the enormous butterfly-shape that hove into view.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  Because their bravery seems to go hand-in-hand with natural curiosity (or, perhaps, because goblins are naturally curious unless fear is holding them back,) Ip-Ara'dare are usually at the forefront of any new technology, including the peak of spacefaring technologies. Given the chance, they'll be the first test-Pilots, the first explorers, and the first to try any new thing.

Common Dress code

A goblin in ceremonial clothing made his way towards Corin and saluted. Shaundar had never seen a goblin so richly dressed. He was clad in the robe of a scholar and the ivory tone was a striking contrast with the creature’s forest green skin. A medallion of the clan rune adorned his throat. “My lords,” he began, “the Baneblood delegation has arrived and your bride-to-be awaits you in the family den.”   Corin blinked in surprise. “I wasn’t expecting them, Chamberlain. I thought they would be at the Winter Estate. You’ve seen to their needs, I trust.” The goblin chamberlain gave him an incredulous look. “Sorry,” he added immediately. “You know I had to ask.”
To Know Your Enemy by Diane Morrison
  Because Ip-Ara'dare are more courageous than most other goblins, and have a semblance of social skills (unless the Emm'Kevirda,) they sometimes end up in positions of respect and even authority among the more progressive Balorian clans. Goblins who have achieved such lofty status often make a point of dressing the part; both to emphasize their influence, but also, because they realize that they face greater scrutiny than, say, an Orc in a similar position, and they don't want to make a misstep.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Shaundar glanced over at the Balorians, tense and excited; at the Ankoran orcs, pounding their chests with the force of centuries of rage; at the goblin Gnat Pilots, who were grinning and gnashing their fierce pointed teeth.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  Ip-Ara'dare often band together when they are present in numbers, and develop their own subcultures, with individual rituals and customs. As a group, they value the writings of Karr'Tahl the Controller, whom they see as an important advocate of them and their value to society.

Historical figures

  • Karr'Tahl the Controller
  • Sharasoha
  • Durga Karr'Tahl


Beauty Ideals

The skin of an Ip-Ara'dare is green, with varying shades between a light lime and a deep forest. Their hair comes in almost any of a myriad of rainbow colors, though purple and blue are considered the most attractive. Their eyes can be green, blue, purple, red, or amber, again with blue and purple considered the most attractive. Ip-Ara'dare have large eyes, ears and mouths. Males often sport facial hair.

Gender Ideals

Male Ip-Ara'dare are lean and muscular, whereas female Ip-Ara'dare are soft and curvy.
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Average Lifespan
75 years (if they make it that long)
Average Height
3 feet 1 inch (males), 2 feet 10 inches (females)
Average Weight
42 pounds (males), 45 pounds (females)

A Suicide Mission

“Do that. Then I want you to ask for two volunteers to Pilot each fighter, and go back and pick up as many as we can while dodging the blockade. And I think we’re going to need to take the weapons off the fighters to maximize the space.”   “That’s a great idea, sir,” Katha said. He was smiling. There was a murmur of assent among the gathered soldiers.   “I’d like to volunteer, my lord,” Ghost offered.   “I’d hate to lose you, Ghost,” Thorgir grumbled. Ghost looked at Shaundar with plaintive pink eyes.   “You know this is likely a suicide mission,” Shaundar said bluntly. He didn’t want to lose yet another friend!   Durga straightened himself to his full height of three foot six, tall for a goblin. “I know who feeds me, sir.”   Shaundar nodded. “Nor’drakaar, Ghost. Get your gear. And have my yeoman carry my message to the fleet.”   Ghost saluted and went to execute his orders. Shaundar leaned back, his conscience assuaged. “Brave lad,” he murmured.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison

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