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The Upraised Hand

The Upraised Hand is one of four official (and one unofficial) political parties in the Fomorian Empire. Principally considered a "left wing" party they generally are the one most concerned with the well-being of the Common Fomorian (with the possibly sole exception of the unofficial Spicegrinders).


As befits the dedication of the Handies, the Upraised Hand has a fairly clear deliniation of roles within the party. The head of all the Upraised Hand in the Empire is called Primus and represents a "first among peers" position. His peers being known as Lords, or Clan Lords | ᛏᚫᚦ'ᚲᚨᚫᛨ | tâth'kaârr. Beneath those lofty ranks are the Obligatories; Nobles, Peerage (Knights and Captains), and Land Lords (common Fomorians who have acquired land by some means). And finally there are the Loyalties; Clansfolk, which represents all of the common people of the Hand, Vassals, Serfs, Thralls and Slaves.


The symbol of the Upraised Hand, a white hand on a blue background, says much of how the Handies feel about society. White is the colour of mercy, and blue represents the unending skies, or the entirety of the Empire if you'd rather. So really the banner represents a merciful hand throughout the Fomorian Empire. The Upraised Hand's motto "merciful is the hand that feeds" embodies that ideal.

Handies see themselves in the cycle of society as givers and takers of sustinence. In other words, Food (capitalized to differenciate it as a resource) is grown by the hand of the Loyalties, trusting in their knowledge of the best methods, and given by them to the Lords who are takers of Food. The Lords then distribute, by hand, the Food to the Obligatories on a basis of need and supply, trusting in a Lord's wisdom and mercy to do so with fairness and whenever possible, equality. In this transaction, the Lord is the giver and the Obligatories are the takers of Food. It then falls to the Obligatories, in their capacity and by hand, to distribute the Food (giver) to the Loyalties (takers). The food is then consumed by the families of those who grew it, and the seeds (or livestock) to germinate the next cycle is collected by the hand of the Loyalties and thus the cycle continues and everyone eats.

So, obviously, Lords see themselves as above Loyalties, but not separate from them. They may be a higher spoke on the wheel (right now) but it is still a wheel and liable to turn. The wise lord realises that his Clan does not function without the bottom spokes of the wheel, and realises that the bottom spokes bear most of the weight of the wheel. Everyone sees their role within the clan as both giver and taker.

Public Agenda

Ostensibly, the Upraised Hand exists to keep check on the power of the Ruling Class. They fight for the rights of the Common Fomorian, and demand equity in pay for labour. The Upraised Hand realizes that the Empire rides on the shoulders of who they call The Loyalties; the Commoners. Without farmers, ranchers, hunters, and craftsmen, what does the Empire have? What, truly, do Lords and Captains contribute to society? What could society function without, and what can it not? The Upraised Hand recognises their place in the great wheel of society; and makes lesser no position that is neccessary for the operation of the whole.


Politically, most farmers and ranchers are Upraised Hand. This means that the Hand controls much of the food production in the Empire, making them one of the most powerful factions the Empire has to offer.


Legend holds that the first member of the Upraised Hand, and therefore Primus by default, was Clan Lord Korr Bloodfist, who it is said, demanded equity among the food share when the Clans first landed on Elatha.

The reality is not far off. You could say Korr was the first, but the Upraised hand didn't formally become a political faction until the Administration of Clan Lord Targok Bloodfist, Korr's nephew on his sister's side. The rest of the legend is true, he just never claimed the title or position of leadership of the Upraised Hand.

The Upraised Hand had a bit of a rocky start as none of the Clan Nobles of any Clan would take their demands seriously. This led to the Hand Uprising that caused over 70000 peasents, vassals, thralls, and slaves to be put to death and the upper classes to become so impovershed trying to feed their families, that some never recovered.

Since that time, none have doubted the power the Loyalties (as the Hand calls them), should you press them with inequity.

It turns out, even a slave will be loyal if he thinks he is eating as well as his master.
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Merciful is the hand that feeds

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