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Ice Troll

Ice trolls thrive where other races fear to tread. In the deepest reachest of the polar ice caps, into the tundra and trickling into the taiga, ice trolls live on a mostly animal protein diet, and gain wealth by raiding those who find foothold in warmer climes and retreating to their ice homes. The trolls do not like being away from the ice and snow as their famed regeneration is dependant on it. Unlike regular trolls, ice trolls do not regenerate per se. They do not "regrow" limbs in the traditional fashion, and fire is especially dangerous to them. An ice troll who has his limb severed or is burned does not heal the injury naturally, but if the injury comes in contact with frozen water or any liquid that freezes at 0 degrees celsius (32 F) or colder, so long as it's frozen, it instantly converts 1 kg of frozen water/liquid to 1 kg of ice troll flesh and blood.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Not having a language of their own, most ice trolls settle on using Orc, Goblin or Ice Giant names, some examples are Elka, Gurda and Gertrude.

Masculine names

Without a Troll language, most ice trolls rely on Orc, Goblin and Ice Giant for names and some examples are Dorin, Durga, and Svengi.

Other names

Though ice trolls do not use family names and have little concept of ownership within their tribes, they are fiercely loyal to their tribes and xenophobic of outsiders. Thus Tribal Names, which are usually compound words in Elfin such as Icedagger and Mammothslayers.


Major language groups and dialects

Ice trolls have no language of their own. In fact, trolls in general have no real trollish language. What passes as Trollish in the Fomorian Empire is a mix of Orcish, Goblin, Norse and a handful of made up words, but most Ice Trolls speak Norse.

Shared customary codes and values

The generally widely held belief among icye trolls is, if you can hack it where they live, you are worthy of respect, and they will treat you like a troll.

Average technological level

Ice trolls are an Iron age culture.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Almost all ice trolls observe the ritual of First Blood. Also, most ice trolls reserve hair styles for certain ages of women; long and loose, or pony tails for young maidens, braids, corn rows, or dreadlocks for young women, and updos or buns for married women.

Coming of Age Rites

The common coming of age rite among ice trolls is First Blood.

Common Taboos

It is considered bad luck to eat troll flesh with the length of the ill fortune and its severity being dependant on the seriousness of the transgression. All other beings are fair game though.


Beauty Ideals

Male ice trolls seem to find breathing to be the most attractive quality and are liable to attempt breeding with any humanoids they encounter and while not openly homosexual (due to social stigma) they often claim they can't tell with other people. Female ice trolls are somewhat more choosy in their beauty ideals, and prefer tall, lean and muscular, though race isn't as important as one might think.

Gender Ideals

Male trolls are expected to be tough and boistrous; willing to prove themselves against any who would challenge them. Female ice trolls are expected to be coy and flirtatious towards single males if they are single and are expected to be unbearable hags to their husbands no matter how they treat others.

Courtship Ideals

Ice trolls are simple people, females like males who impress them physically and Males like females who will put up with them. A male shows his interest in a female by giving her things, the best he can get, whether that is food or jewelry, and the female shows her reciprocation by not laughing at his offering.

Relationship Ideals

Once in a relationship, the female is expected to goad the male into greater acts of heroism, through her clever use of wordplay and feminine wiles. The male continues to try to win the affection of his bride through his actions of heroism.
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