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Bela’Wani are what people think of when they typically think of goblins.

Loktar’s rooms were in the northern tower. Shaundar padded along on bare feet. A goblin maid came down the stairs, packing dirty linens, and she cast him a thin smile as they passed each other in the stairwell. Shaundar thought the goblins here all looked malnourished. He curled his lip.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
Shaundar sent the goblins back to the galley with a couple of Fomorian pennies each for their trouble. They seemed astounded by his generosity and they cringed and scuttled away from him, clutching their coins as though they were afraid that he would change his mind.
To Know Your Enemy by Diane Morrison
  The Bela’Wani are what people think of when they typically think of goblins: craven little creatures, with a sour disposition, and a worse smell. (Not as bad as troglodytes perhaps, but still pretty bad.) Females are shy and timid, but less bad smelling, and generally have a less sour disposition. Living within underground warrens, the Bela’Wani venture forth only to wreak malicious mayhem, and females not at all, if they can avoid it. While not inherently evil, Bela’Wani, possibly as a result of their cowardice, lean towards malice and are consummate bullies. They are overbearing oppressors to anyone beneath them, while being sycophantic lickspittles to anyone higher up the social ladder than them. 75% of the goblins in the warren are likely Bela’Wani.   Bela'Wani Rogue - Pathfinder 1e Stats


Culture and cultural heritage

A thriving marketplace was filled with raucous goblin fishwives, busy ogre and giantish stevedores, human silk merchants, orc spicers, troll butchers, hobgoblin tanners, artisans of all races, and a beautiful, if modest, Temple of Cethlenn, adorned in flowers and fountains and black marble statuary.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  Bela'Wani are interested in pursuing any profession that a) keeps them out of direct danger, and b) has a chance of improving their financial lot or access to food. In areas that support this pursuit, they are often merchants or inventors.

Shared customary codes and values

“What choice do we have, Bolvi?” He slammed the table with his fist.   Shaundar grinned. “A silent war,” he said. “A war of daggers and subterfuge. As Elatha would have said, ‘a goblin war.’”   Corin met his eyes. “That’s dishonourable.”   He shook his head. “How? They’re the ones who have brought this war to our bedrooms and the arms of our wives. Have you forgotten what Elatha said? ‘Disdain no weapon that gives you the advantage in a conflict; for the enemy surely will not!’”
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  When forced to fight, Bela'Wani goblins believe in stacking the deck in their favour as much as they possibly can. They will attack in the dark, while their opponent is asleep, when they're not expecting it, with as many numbers and as deadly a weapon as possible. The writings of Karr'Tahl the Controller articulate their philosophy best; the concept of "honourable fighting" was invented by bigger, tougher races to socially control smaller races, by discouraging them from using their natural strengths to their own best advantage.

Average technological level

The only problem with this plan was acquiring enough spindizzy engines to power those fighters. In the earliest salvos of the War, Shaundar had wondered where the orcs were getting them, since he’d been under the impression that only gnomes knew how to make them, and gnomes didn’t make a habit of selling to orcs. But he’d been wrong: apparently, goblins shared the gnomish penchant for invention, and they had also picked up the secret somewhere; whether through stealing the arcanology, or through parallel innovation, he couldn’t say.
Brothers in Arms by Diane Morrison
  Bela'Wani would rather keep away from risk, danger, and hard work. Almost as a side effect, they are exceptional technological and arcanological innovators. The Bela'Wani claim credit for the invention of the spindizzy, one of the foundational technologies that make space travel possible, and their innovation has led to a strong industrial base in the Fomorian Empire, supported by the Empire's financial, political, and martial resources.
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