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Harakrryrrsû was a large spacefaring Orc nation from Telasia. They were the first to enter the First Interstellar War (IW1) and the last to surrender. Lead by Guntur Ironlaw, who also became the first War Chief of The Solstice Pact, they were broken up into their constituent nations at the end of the war, and denied access to space by the terms of the treaty. It is said that Guntur's son, Tharkr Ironlaw, was one of the Thirteen Clan Leaders that led the founding of Elatha.  

Client states of Harakrryrrsû:

Flag Nation Species System

Cumea Human Telasia

Radivoj-Hrurk Goblin Telasia
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Rryrrsû Chign Harak Vwi Rryta ᛨᛠᛨᛋᚢ ᚴᛁᚿ ᚺᚨᚱᚨᚲ ᚥᛁ ᛨᛠᛏᚨ "The Sword of Honour Shall Prevail"

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Official Languages

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