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The Sparkling Syndicate


Donmagno/Prima Donna: Syndicate Leader/President: Work to the best benefit of yourself and the Syndicate
Don/Donna: Cartel Leader/General Officer: Make yourself and your Cartel rich and powerful.
Karr/Karra: Consortium Leader/Colonel: Lead a Consortium to affluence and influence. Be as important to Goblin Society as the lower echelons think you are.
KaxVee: Kax'Ves-ka Leader/Captain/Capo: As leader of a Kax'Ves-ka, it is your duty to be an effective and well-heeled director of said Kax'Ves-ka. Set an example for others in the Syndicate.
Vee/RaaToka: Leader/Lieutenant: Lead your Ves-ka wisely and prosperously, Bring honour and wealth to your Cartel.
KaxVes/KaxToka: Senior Member/Supervisor: Lead your Ves'a with distinction. Bring honour to the Cartel.

Ves/Toka: Member: Follow the orders of your Vee/RaaToka, bring honour to your Ves'a and your Ves-ka
Vesya/Tokya: Junior Member/Student: Train and learn and try to do your best, Earn your place in a Ves'a.


The Sparkling Syndicate is the largest organization of Goblins the Fomorian Empire has seen, since the Dragan Syndicate, during the First Interstellar War (IW1). So, it should come as no surprise that the Syndicate influences almost all aspects of Goblin Life in the Empire. Since the Syndicate took control, goblins are clean(er), there are fewer Ves'a wars and considerably less murders (though, perhaps coincidentally, assassinations are up). The syndicate has done a great deal to civilise the Goblins, and the Empire is happy about it.

Public Agenda

Protect the interests of Goblinkind within the Greater Fomorian Empire. Towards that end, they protect goblin rights and work with the government to increase freedoms and privileges for goblins and half-goblins.


The Sparkling Syndicate is, quite possibly, the richest organisation in Known Space, having more money than either the Fomorian or Avalonian Empires, more money than the Black Dragon Society, and more amassed wealth than the planet-bound Governments of Known Space, combined.


The Sparkling Syndicate is the inheritors of the legacy of the Dragan Syndicate. They carry the traditions handed down by KarrTahl the Lawgiver, and the values instilled by Durga the Deliverer. Prima Donna Lorna Sparklingsky has in her possession the original Book of the Law and her son Durga "Ghost" Bloodfist uses The Shadow Blade lending their credability to the Sparkling Cartel's claims of legitimacy.
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Bu'Muk "One Voice"

Founding Date
14th of 2nd Month, 357 From the Founding
Illicit, Syndicate
Predecessor Organization
Leader Title


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