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Dragan Syndicate

Dragan was a great syndicate of Goblin cartels, so large that they were a power in their own right in the Simian System. Gerdan Meteorswarm, Don of the Meteors Cartel, managed to outmaneuver his rivals to become Donmagno of the Syndicate, just as the First Interstellar War (IW1) broke out. Since goblins are often seen as easy targets, the Syndicate were one of the first to feel the pinch of the increased aggression of the Avalonian Imperial Navy. Trade ground to a near-standstill in the light of tariffs, confiscations and blockades. It is likely that Dragan joined the Solstice Pact out of desperation.   In the aftermath of the hostilities, the Dragan Syndicate, though greatly reduced in numbers, seemed to simply disappear. No member of Dragan was present to sign the Treaty of Solstice. It is almost certain that they scattered to the far-flung stars, but a large group broke away to Elatha with the future Balorians. Gerdan's great-great-great-granddaughter is Lorna Sparklingsky, who eventually became Donna of the extremely significant Sparklingsky Cartel in the Fomorian Empire.  
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