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Avalonian Imperial Navy

The military arm of elves in the stars

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I, (name,) do swear by the Sword of Lugh Silverhand, to serve the Elven People with arm, sword, bow and spell to the best of my ability. I will, if necessary, lay down my life in defense of the People, and follow the commands of my superior officers and the royalty of elven nations, as best as I am able, until I hang my sword upon the Tree of Swords and Jewels in the Summerlands.  
--the Oath of Service of the Avalonian Imperial Navy
  The Avalonian Imperial Navy is an interstellar space navy populated mostly by elves, gnomes, and humans from numerous worlds. Once the military arm of the Avalonian Empire, they now claim to serve the interests of the "Empire in Waiting." While they still dominate most of Known Space, they are a shadow of what they once were.


The Avalonian Navy is commanded by a council of admirals, known collectively as Star Command. The head of the Navy is referred to as the High Admiral, who is chosen from the Admiralty by secret ballot. Before the collapse of the Avalonian Empire, the High Admiral was appointed from the Admiralty by the Imperial Monarch who wore the Crown of the Stars.   Star Command is comprised of a combination of Fleet Admirals, and certain elves who carry the rank of Admiral with command over special interest groups within the Navy structure (such as Research and Development or Intelligence). Occasionally, retired Admirals who are thought to be particular voices of wisdom are also invited, or appointed, to Star Command. These are most often decorated war veterans with reputations as strategists, and this was a tradition from before the fall of the Avalonian Empire that continues to the present day.   Beneath Star Command is the rest of The Admiralty, which is comprised of Fleet Admirals, commanders of special interest projects, and the Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals of the system fleets.   The Admiralty are the highest ranking members of The Mithril, which are all the ranking Navy officers collectively.   Beneath the Mithril are the junior officers and the warrants, and beneath them are the rest of the rank-and-file, consisting of Able Starhands, Starhands, and Landsfolk (sometimes derisively referred to as "Dirtsiders") in descending order.  


Insignia Rank Level Uniform Pay per Annum Details

Landsfolk E-0

9-11*G Starhands with no
sailing experience


22*G/16*N/3*S Common sailors


28*G/17*N/11*S Starhands with years of
experience, or a specialty


Starhands with years of
experience in a specialty


Assistant to the Master of a field

Master E-4

100-164*G Starhand in charge of specific jobs

Midshipman O-0

13*G/18*N/9*S Officer-Cadet,
minimum rank for Star-Pilot


18*G/5*N Junior Officer,
mostly support tasks

Lieutenant O-2

101-225*G Assistant to senior officers

Commander O-3

365*G Second-in-Command,
Captain's right hand

Captain O-4

410-602*G Sailor in charge of a ship
or division


1095*G Flag Officer in charge of
system defense


1561*G Flag Officer in charge of
a system's war fleet


2190*G Flag Officer in charge of
the fleet of a system


4578*G Flag Officer in charge of
the Navy
*G=Galaxies (Platinum) / *N=Novae (Gold) / *S=Starbursts (Silver)
Rank insignias created by Barbarossa Sparklebeard; used by permission. Uniforms created in HeroForge by Diane Morrison. All rights reserved.

Public Agenda

The Avalonian Navy is the de facto ruling body of most of Known Space. Their stated purpose is to protect the remnant starfaring civilizations of the former Avalonian Empire, and the Elven People in general. As a result, they have become the primary peacekeeping force in Known Space as well. They believe that peace, order, and good government are in the best interests of elven peoples everywhere, so they expand their operating mandate to police and patrol the spaceways.   While most of the other spacefaring peoples resent the elven stranglehold, there have been some advantages in their governance. They patrol against pirates, restrict contraband, and encourage trade. Their policies favour their allied races, such as Gnomes, Humans, Dwarves (see Dwarf) and so forth, but have been disastrous for non-allied races, such as Shoggothi, Cthulans, Goblins, and more.


The Avalonian Navy claims a vast industrial military complex as assets, including dozens of military bases and stations, hundreds of ships and outposts, thousands of troops, and more than enough stored food, weapons, equipment, and ammunition to equip them all. Nevertheless, this is significantly reduced from the assets they possessed when the Avalonian Empire was at its height. Their widespread exchange and banking system allows them access to trade and asset accumulation just about anywhere. There are also significant numbers of "demilitarized" ships in the hands of private citizens that could be re-militarized at any time, and thousands of "retired" veterans who can be called back to active duty in times of need.   Their primary limitation is in the production of elven ships. The Avalonians use Starseed ships almost exclusively, and they can only be produced by a Tree of Life. The Avalonian Navy controls three known Tree of Life shipyards, but it almost certainly has more in reserve.


Early History

The Avalonian Navy seems like an eternal monolith, especially to outsiders. But it was, in fact, a fairly recent development by elven standards. Elves were in space for at least a thousand years before the Navy took shape, and it started as a small Space Navy that was formed to protect two small systems. At least, this is what the oldest records of the Navy say, though most of those early archives have been lost in the many conflicts that the Navy has faced in its time.   The Navy has carefully preserved its Imperial Charter , however, so historians can confirm that the Avalonian Navy was officially founded on the 1st of Green Moon, 945 AC.   More myths survive about those early days than historical records, and they tell a story of a long tradition of service, heroism and sacrifice. Like most myths, whether or not they have any basis in reality is a subject for debate.   The Navy, when it began, was more like a Coast Guard in its function than a military per se. Over time it began to take a more and more aggressive stance. According to them, this was in response to increased aggression from Fomorian races and others, but most non-elven historians doubt that Dwarves, Humans, Fomorians, Cthulans, Shoggothi, and more could all have been "increasing aggression" without provocation.   At the height of the Avalonian Empire (sometime around 2000 AC) the Avalonian Navy was spread over dozens, perhaps hundreds of systems, protecting hundreds of worlds, and communities on hundreds more, all of whom answered to the Avalonian Throne.  

War of Succession

The War of Succession was the beginning of the Navy's decline. With elf fighting elf, and no one entirely certain where each other's loyalties lay, the Navy, and the Empire, fractured. Contact between the far-flung systems of the Empire and its heart were completely severed, and the all-important knowledge of the Wormholes & Portals that connected them was lost. Perhaps even worse, elves fractured along ethnic divides, and to this day, still do not entirely trust each other. When the Crown of the Stars was lost, the Empire fell apart completely.   Since then, the Navy in what has become known as the Core Worlds has carried on as best it can, defending the elven communities who once gave their loyalties to the Avalonian Throne -- even if they no longer do.  

First Interstellar War

It took a long time for Fomorians to build themselves up to a position in which they could take advantage of the elves' weakness. The surprise attack on Evergleam that launched the First Interstellar War sparked decades of interstellar conflict that devastated the Fomorians and fractured the elves even further. But ultimately, perhaps due to sheer attrition, the Fomorians were driven from Known Space entirely.  

Naval Civil War

In the aftermath of the Interstellar War, an uprising of Berserkers, starting with the Peridotian Mutiny, led to the outbreak of the Naval Civil War. This conflict primarily affected the Navy of the Telasian System but had resonating consequences throughout the Navy.  

Second Interstellar War

The Avalonian Navy has just, as of the day of this writing, declared war upon the Fomorians once again, as reports have reached Star Command of surprise attacks on elven communities in outlying systems.


The Avalonian Navy, being such an enormous and complex organization, divides itself into distinct departments. Many of these departments work almost autonomously, reporting only to Star Command:

System Fleets

Each system fleet is effectively an autonomous unit, with the ranking Admiral of the Fleet having considerable decision-making authority.


The Commissariat handles distribution of resources, whether material, magical, or living (including troops). It is their duty to partial out rations, distribute equipment, and contact and keep track of the whereabouts of sailors, active, inactive, or retired.

Research and Development

R&D is comprised of thinkers and logicians within the Navy structure. Typically it includes shipwrights, druids, alchemists, sages, archmages and engineers. Their mandate is to advance and improve starfaring technology and arcanology, develop new weaponry, and improve the growth and production of Trees of Life in the Navy's sphere of influence.

Military Police

The MPs are responsible for guarding high-profile Navy prisoners, including pirates, captured enemy commanders and spacers, and any star-sailors who have been charged with a high profile military crime. They are comprised of trained fighters and mages.


Intelligence is a coterminous branch of the Navy, and is comprised of everything from scouts to spies to strategists to codebreakers, to psions and mages with a penchant for scrying and communication.

Chiurgeons and Chaplains

Chiurgeons can be assigned to ships, stations, or ports-of-call. Because they typically have some clerical training, they often serve double duty as chaplains for their crews. However, occasionally chiurgeons may be mages with necromantic specialties (see Medical Artificer.)


Skalds are another coterminous branch of the Navy. They may be assigned to system fleets or Star Command directly. They are also the Navy's historians, and are considered vital for morale.


Marines receive separate training from other spacers, but are typically assigned to a system fleet and fall within the fleet's chain of command as appropriate to their rank.

Foreign Relations

The Avalonian Navy are respected, but also resented, on the broader interstellar geopolitical stage. Most allied powers and client-states try to assert a degree of independence, while at the same time accessing and appreciating the benefits of their sphere of control. Some powers feel more resentment than others, which depends greatly upon how they've been treated in a particular region of space.   The Navy is openly hostile to the Fomorian Races, Shoggothi, Cthulans, and Rachs.

Trade & Transport

The Avalonian Navy controls access to vast regions of Known Space, including many, if not most, significant ports-of-call, stations and wormholes. They work closely with the Avalonian Merchant Marine to ensure safe access to trade for their clients and allies.


Training in the Avalonian Imperial Navy takes place aboardships. Young gentlemen and ladies are typically taken into service as young midshipspeople "middies", although they are dismissed from active service if war is declared. Otherwise, any elf may enlist at the age of majority and is trained in space. From time to time, experienced elven starhands in other professions (such as fisherfolk or merchant-traders) are pressed into Navy service.
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To the stars through hardships

Avalonian Navy Table of Contents

Founding Date
1 Green Moon, 945 AC
Military, Space navy
Alternative Names
Elven Navy
Predecessor Organization
Successor Organization
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Avalonian Naval ports and authorities accept bullion in all significant trade metals by weight, with the exception of Mithril which defies standard weight measurement. Mithril bullion is valued by size of the ingot. The Avalonian Navy does not mint its own coinage, but it still refers to appropriate coinage by the names that were used when the Avalonian Empire still minted its own.   They prefer coinage minted by Elven powers, but will accept any coinage that meets the appropriate trade-weight standard. They will exchange any coin of appropriate trade weight for the appropriate currency of any allied nation, with only a 2.5% exchange fee. Currency from any elven power is exchanged at equal value; allied currency at 85%, and the currency of any enemy power at 75%.   Coins typically accepted, in ascending order, include:  
  • "Sparks" (*Sp) - Copper
  • "Starbursts" (*S) - Silver
  • "Novae" (*N) - Gold
  • "Galaxies" (*G) - Platinum
  • "Pulsars" (*P) - Adamantite
  • "Nebulae" (*Nb) - Mithril
  • "Wormholes" (*W) - Starmetal
  The Navy also maintains a banking and money-shipping service. Their rate for all such services is 1% of the stored, or shipped, currency's value.  
Legislative Body
The Admiralty and Star Command are the legislative body of the Avalonian Navy, though they try to encourage at least partial self-government in any port or client-state that is not strictly a military base.   However, the Avalonian Imperial Navy has a complex relationship with its Elven client-states and associated powers. Within reason, and provided it countermands no existing orders issued by Star Command, star-sailors in the Navy are bound to obey the dictates of Elven monarchs. Many elves who serve in the Navy also offer their allegiance to local Elven powers; such as the elves of the Telasian Fleet, who almost always give their political allegiance to the Crown of Glimmerfell. These loyalties may intersect or even contradict one another from time to time. In general, the Admiralty of the Navy recognizes the complexities and tries to interpret confusion between political and military loyalties favourably.  
Judicial Body
Justice within the Avalonian Navy is conducted by military or fleet tribunal, and is administered and judged by the ranking officers (Captains and Admirals) within a fleet or port-of-call. To be charged with a crime is to be court martialed. Navy law is interpreted and administered differently in peacetime and wartime. In wartime it is administered according to the Articles of War.   In civilian areas, even among allied powers and client-states, the Avalonian Navy prefers to leave the judiciary duties in the hands of the local civilian authorities.  
Official Languages
Related Professions
Manufactured Items
Organization Vehicles
Related Ethnicities

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Author's Notes

Pay scale is loosely based on "The Value of Money - Pay in the Royal Navy in the 1890s" by Antoine Vanner, author of the The Dawlish Chronicles, accessed January 31, 2021. Other references include "Naval Pay - 1817," and "Monthly Advances to Officers and Crews of HM Ships &c. (1802)."

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