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Midshipman Shaundar Sunfall (/ˈʃɔn·dɑr 'sʌn·fɔl/ | SHAWN-dahr SUHN-fawl)

Able Starhand, aspiring Star-Pilot

As seen in

Squire Shaundar Sunfall (a.k.a. Rualith "little star," a family nickname)

As of 5020 AC -- the end of Part 1 of A Few Good Elves

  Shaundar Sunfall is a young Star-Pilot in the Avalonian Imperial Navy. While he is regarded as a promising young officer, he also has a reputation for being reckless and dismissive of authority, and he is widely believed to not be living up to his full potential.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Shaundar keeps in good physical shape, thanks to an adventurous spirit and the physical education requirements at the Skyreach Academy. Though he usually displays some bump, bruise, or cut from misadventures, or getting into fights, he is young and resilient, and usually in good physical health.

Body Features

Shaundar is tall for his age, and can often pretend to be older than he actually is, since many people have trouble distinguishing the age of elves.

Facial Features

Shaundar's peach-moonstone complexion is a blend of the pale rainbow moonstone complexion of the Sidhe , and the golden complexion of the Alfar . It is quite distinctive, and marks him immediately as being of mixed blood, as many of his features do -- such as his indigo eyes with pyrite-coloured sparkles in the iris.   Otherwise, Shaundar strongly resembles his father, who has been described as having a "hawk-like" appearance, except that his eyes are more like his mother's.

Identifying Characteristics

Celestial compass tattoo, received his first month in space, over his heart.

Physical quirks

Right-handed but adaptable, makes long strides when he walks almost by accident, fidgets when not concentrating on observing military school discipline, slouches when not observing military discipline, especially among shorter peers.

Special abilities

Shaundar has a talent for, and interest in, the magical arts.

Apparel & Accessories

Usually wears his Navy uniform when at school or shipboard (though he is notorious for damaging it and messing it up). Prefers sailcloth and canvas civvies when he can get away with them, but is often required to dress in silk shirts and quality trousers as a young gentleman.

Specialized Equipment

Magical bracers that provide a defensive enchantment, masterwork short swords, Starmetal Talisman, spellbooks, wand

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Shaundar Sunfall is the oldest child of Ruavel Sunfall and Selene Wintermist, respected veterans of the First Interstellar War (IW1). Shaundar is subject to a lot of racism in his community, since his father is Alfar and his mother is Sidhe.

Gender Identity

Shaundar is cisgender male, though he has the typical elven disregard of such labels.


Primarily heterosexual, though Shaundar is still too young to have pursued it much.


Shaundar attends the Skyreach Academy at Skyreach Harbour, an Avalonian Navy-run public school that was established for Navy personnel and their families. He has a reputation as a bit of a troublemaker, and is often bullied by the other students. His marks are excellent, but it is the consensus of his instructors that he is not realizing his full potential.


Like many young gentlemen associated with Navy families, Shaundar was taken onto his father's ship, the Arianrhod's Pride for his further education as a young midshipman. While he has earned a regular wage for this service, most of it has been saved in a Navy account for his future use.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Shaundar's scores in academics and magical studies are consistently high.

Failures & Embarrassments

Shaundar was refused swordsong training by both the Sidhe and Alfar schools on Peridot, despite meeting the qualifications. While reprimanded for plausible reasons, the intensity of the responses made it clear his race played a role in their judgment.   The first time that Shaundar was given lessons in Piloting a fighter, he intentionally, and without receiving permission, buzzed the deck of the Arianrhod's Pride, and crashed the fighter, which was significantly damaged in the crash. His trainer received mild injuries, and Shaundar was bedridden for the injury caused by his sudden disconnection from the ship's interface. He was court martialed for Destruction of Naval Property, and received 12 lashes before the mast in punishment.

Mental Trauma

An inferiority complex and sense of self-doubt plague Shaundar in his daily interactions. He also has a stubborn streak and a reputation for defiance. His temper is slow to kindle, but once it has been roused, it can be destructive.

Intellectual Characteristics

Empathic, intelligent, quick-thinking, emotionally sensitive, brave, stubborn, inventive, curious. Sometimes thinks too much. Shaundar has an excellent memory, and therefore, he can nurse a grudge for a long time.

Morality & Philosophy

Shaundar has been instilled with a strong sense of duty by his father, and a sense of compassion by his mother. Sometimes, these ethical and moral poles are in conflict.   Shaundar believes in the ideals that elves are supposed to hold dear -- personal freedom, love, freedom of expression, honesty, courtesy -- and to the ideals of the Avalonian Imperial Navy -- honour, bravery, loyalty, and duty. He is often surprised and hurt when others do not share his dedication to those ideals.

Personality Characteristics


Aspires to become a respected Star-Pilot.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Talents: Gifted Star-Pilot, talented mage, has some talent as an artist. Known for his satirical drawings, cartography, and model-building.   Ineptitudes: Socially awkward, has difficulty keeping his mouth shut about his opinion, lacks patience, easily distracted.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Things that go fast, fires, things that blow up, ship models, toy soldiers, starfaring, pastries, mocking the powerful   Dislikes: sitting still, curbing curiosity, uniforms, snobs, bigots, brussel sprouts, cleaning things

Virtues & Personality perks

Compassionate, brave, earnest, hard-working, loyal.

Vices & Personality flaws

Impatient, distractible, socially awkward, shy. Can get hyper-focused on tasks.   As of joining the crew of the Arianrhod's Pride, has taken up smoking a pipe.

Personality Quirks

Runs his hand through his hair when nervous or exasperated. Fidgets when forced to sit still. Taps his foot when impatient.


Shaundar does his best, but his uniforms are always scuffed, dirty, and slightly damaged. Usually has cuts, scrapes, and dirt on his nose.


Contacts & Relations

  • "Uncle" Lylas Madrimlian - an old family friend
  • Yathar Goldenbough - best friend
  • Narissa Elkshorn - good friend, current crush

Family Ties

  • Admiral Lord Ruavel Sunfall - father
  • Selene Wintermist - mother
  • Selena Sunfall - younger sister
  • Deliana Wintermist - grandmother

Religious Views

Worships Arianrhod, goddess of the stars, in a diffident and casual way.

Social Aptitude

Shy, struggles with self-confidence issues, but insists on standing up for what he believes in.

Hobbies & Pets

Likes making models and wargaming them, enjoys alchemy, studies astronomy.


Soft-spoken, except when he chooses to yell. Has an upper class Glimmerfell Alfar accent, which he learned from his father, sprinkled with the slang and colourful epithets of spacefarers.

Wealth & Financial state

The Sunfalls are an old family with considerable accumulated wealth. As a young gentleman, he receives a small allowance from his parents.
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Chaotic Good
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Midshipman Squire
20 (as of 5020 AC)
Date of Birth
28th of Blood Moon, 5000 AC
Circumstances of Birth
Shaundar is a mixed-race Alfar / Sidhe , which is poorly viewed in his community.
Skyreach Harbour, Peridot, Yggdrasil's Sprout
Current Residence
Arianrhod's Pride
Indigo blue with pyrite sparkles
Yellow-blond, shoulder-length, wavy, usually worn in a tight ponytail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Peach ("common moonstone")
5'3" or 160 cm
100 lbs or about 45 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
  • Elvish - native tongue
  • High Avalonian - educated
  • Elfin - educated
  • Gnomish - educated
  • Dwarvish - conversational


Avalonian Imperial Navy Flag by Diane Morrison - ship by Aaron Siddall


Service Record




  • 21 Buck Moon, 5020 AC: 12 lashes before the mast for Negligence Causing the Destruction of His Majesty’s Property and Harm to a Fellow Officer
His father was right. This was his fault. If he had not climbed so high, Yathar would not have fallen. Why did he keep doing such stupid things?   On the other side of the closed bedroom door, Shaundar’s father and grandmother were arguing. “You’re going to take all the adventure out of the boy, Ruavel,” his grandmother was saying. She sounded cross.   “Damn it,” Dad said, “the boy is going to grow up with some decorum!  He’s a Seelie Alfar noble!”   “No, he isn’t!” Deliana growled. “And you can’t expect him to be!”
A Few Good Elves by Diane Morrison
“So, who was that lad whose balls he was busting?  Or shall I say, whose balls he was trying to bust?”   “That was Shaundar.”   “Did he actually set off the stink bombs?”   “No, we actually set off the stink bombs,” Yathar said with a growl. “But only Shaundar would ever get in trouble for it, even if we all confessed on the spot. Which reminds me, I want to talk to you about Shaundar.”   Blackjack laughed, but his laughter held a bitter edge. “Don’t expect me to talk to your Dad about it!  He won’t listen to me. Never has!”   “No, I want you to see him fly,” Yathar said instead.
A Few Good Elves by Diane Morrison

Shortlisted: WorldEmber 2020 Character Category

Cover image: Major Character Cover by Verti
Character Portrait image: Shaundar as a Child by Diane Morrison


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Dec 9, 2020 21:40 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Shaundar is prettier than I was imagining. :D I love the thorough exploration of his flaws and traits. It sucks that he suffered racism because of his birth - I assume that plays somewhat into his self-doubt.

Dec 10, 2020 04:10 by Diane Morrison

Do remember that he's still really just a boy at this point, and he's an elf. They're all prettier than we imagine! LOL   And yes, the racism he's experienced does indeed have a lot to do with his self-doubt, unfortunately.   Thanks so much for commenting!

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