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High Avalonian (hahy av-uh-LOHN-ee-uhn| / haɪ æv ə 'loʊ ni ən/)

The ancient language of Avalon's Seelie Court

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  High Avalonian is the ancient court language of Avalon, the elven homeworld. It was originally spoken by the Rua'alfar, and it became the common language of highborn elves, and anyone who wanted to communicate across elven dialects. Since it was the only common language of elves when they made it to the stars, it became the most widely used in space. Over time, Elvish, as commonly spoken by starfaring elves, has changed considerably from its mother tongue, but elements of the original language remain.   When the Avalonian Empire fragmented, the importance of the High Avalonian tongue waned. It fell into disuse, as elven languages began to drift away from their original sources.   In modern times, High Avalonian is studied rarely, and usually only by archmages, scholars, and high-placed nobles. Understanding High Avalonian is necessary for using elven high magic.  


There is much debate about the origin of the High Avalonian tongue, since it was invented several thousand years ago. Some speculate it originated from the celestial languages, and others from Auldewyrm, the original Draconian tongue. Of the two, scholars generally agree that the Celestial languages bear a stronger resemblance in sound and timbre, but that Auldewyrm has a similar syntax. It is said that it is a beautiful and melodic language that rolls off the tongue.

Geographical Distribution

Speakers of this obscure and archaic language can be found scattered throughout Known Space, although usually, they are few and scattered. It can still be learned at the temples of Lugh, the Shining One, Sol'Tohvassneris, and Symmerin University.
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