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Auldewyrm (Odd-Werm)

Auldewyrm is the name of the language that the Nisslings spoke when they first arrived on Draconia, many generations past. Even that version of Auldewyrm was a completely different language to the original Auldewyrm spoken by the early dragons of Pangorio. Though draconic scholars point to the similarities between Auldewyrm as known by nissling historians, and High Draconic spoken in the Dragon Courts. Linguists point to the similar word structure between Original Auldewyrm and Original High Draconic, pointing out that it is really just a matter of regional syntax that separates the two languages and since both have a different alphabet, it is believed that written Auldewyrm and written High Draconic were developed after the draconic diaspora, where dragons used great magics to inhabit and populate the Worlds, as you know them, with dragons. It is after this time that it is believed that the Pangorian Nisslings came into their own on Pangorio. The small dragons had little use for many of the ancient Auldewyrm words, as these concepts (such as divine authority, manifest destiny and right to rule) have little meaning to the (then) tribal nisslings. As nissling society became independant of its draconic ancestry, different concepts were introduced and abandoned and shifts in vowels and consonants further changed the language, until the Auldewyrm spoken by the Nisslings, when they arrived to Draconia, was as different to original Auldewyrm as Modern English (regardless of dialect) is to Old English (not Middle English).

Modern High Draconic (*cough*oxymoron*cough*), is very similar to Old High Draconic, as the Draconic Language Authority defines what is and is not High Draconic, and so, with the exceptions of concepts that did not exist (such as cannons), very little has been added or subtracted from the language.
Through divination, and seeing into the past (usually by Nissling Archmages), Draconic Scholars have begun piecing back together the forgotten tongue, and find their assertations that all dragons come from the same place, are held up in the research. It does indeed appear that Auldewyrm and High Wyrm come from the same language root, or proto-language, and if that is true, then dragons are closer related that anyone thought.
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