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  Sol'Tohvassneris is a large Alfar city in the Silver Mountains on the planet Caer'Thun. It is one of the most ancient cities in Known Space, and was likely the first place outside of Avalon that the Elves settled. For a time, it was also the seat of the Celestial Throne and the Avalonian Crown.




Once known as Tohvassneris, the city now called Sol'Tohvassneris "New City of the Winter Scribes" began its life as an Avalonian colony. It is said to have been the first landing site of the elves on Caer'Thun, and quickly became a major settlement and center of elven learning. One of the greatest libraries ever known to have existed in the Avalonian Empire was created in the city, and as elves expanded over Caer'Thun and Known Space, they would come from all over space to peruse its contents.   As a center of magic and learning, Tohvassneris' influence expanded quickly. However, when The Mouth of the Void divided Known Space from Avalon, the elven homeworld, things degenerated quickly.   The haughty Alfar of Tohvassneris became detached from the rest of elvenkind. With the center of Imperial power in their city, they began to think of themselves as superior to other elves. The Succession Wars further divided the elves of Caer'Thun. At one point, the Tohvassnerins even began to take other elves captured in war as slaves.   Svartalfar organized an assault on the city early in the conflict. The Arcorael was assassinated and his only child, Selnaris Khi'Marinae, was kidnapped and raised among them to become a puppet ruler on their behalf. Their plan fell through, however, when the Crown of the Stars was lost in the fighting. The Wars continued to divide the Caer'Thunian elves and degrade the repository of resources and knowledge that was Toh'vassneris' legacy.   Eventually, Selnaris returned to the city on the behest of his adopted Svartalfar family. The council of nobles who had ruled in his stead proved loyal, and handed him the reins of power. While Selnaris plundered their famous library for his own benefit as a mage, he had no intention of being anyone's puppet, and his "family" found they had less influence and control than they might have hoped. He did not take the title of Arcorael since he could not claim a missing crown, but he ruled the polity controlled by Tohvassneris in fact, and the Avalonian Empire in name.   After the Succession Wars had cooled to a cold silence between the elven cultures, a new human-ruled empire, known as the Tyrannen Empire began to spread rapidly over the face of Caer'Thun through conquest. A Sidhe elf named Lyrissande Verbena came to Tohvassneris to beg their help in fighting this new enemy. Selnaris, and the council of nobles, turned her away.   Lyrissande led a guerrilla force in skirmishes against the Tyrannen, lacking the numbers to face them in any other way. While her actions certainly inconvenienced them, they continued their inexorable advance.   Tohvassneris was sacked by the Tyrannen in 4062 AC and set to the torch. Uncounted Avalonian treasures were forever lost. Fortunately, Khi'Marinae had established Symmerin University not long before, and he and his archmage companions evacuated the contents of the Great Library to Symmerin to save it from the flames. Thousands of elves were slaughtered.   As the Tyrannen continued on to the elven nation of Velmailayne, Lyrissande gathered together a ragtag army to halt their advance. The story is commemorated by bards and skalds in the Last Stand of Lyrissande Verbena. Before the battle, Lyrissande composed her most famous work, The Affirmation of Avalon, which lamented the divisions between elvenkind and the sacking of Tohvassneris. This became her death poem -- the Tyrannen were defeated at the Battle of Velmailayne, but she was slain.   However, this battle turned the tide of the war. The other civilizations of Caer'Thun finally banded together as they had not done during Lyrissande's life, and the Tyrannen were destroyed, their civilization shattered and broken.   Overcome by guilt and remorse, Selnaris directed the survivors to rebuild the shattered city. Now known as Sol'Tohvassneris, it is a shadow of its former glory, but continues to recover as the centuries pass.   Slavery is no longer legal in Sol'Tohvassneris in any form.
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Approximately 500 AC
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