Wyrd West

The Wyrd West

February 14, 324 After the Fall

Welcome to a post-apocalyptic Canada where Western meets high fantasy and a dash of steampunk.

  The Cataclysm changed the face of the world, and many of the laws of nature that governed it. Chemical processes and proven technologies now function sporadically, if at all. Places are no longer inhabitable due to fallout or the proliferation of monsters of legend. And in many cases, myth holds more power than science.   In the wreckage left behind by the Ancients, Gunslingers are a holy order of Law empowered to keep the peace and protect the common people. They have supernatural powers to back it up. Nefarious necromancers and Desperadoes make pacts with dark powers. The Courtesan's Guild trains companions...and spies. Gnomish inventors create crazy steampunk gadgets. Elves keep their secrets, shamans call upon the spirits, and from time to time, there are those born with sorcerous or psychic powers.  

Welcome to the Wyrd West!


A Few Reviews:

"Saskatchewan gunslinger elves in a world vividly real and detailed. Morrison shows us a rarely explored Weird West landscape."
— Cat Rambo, Nebula &World Fantasy Award winning author
"I loved this book. It was like Fallout meets Firefly meets Supernatural meets Shannara. . . I found myself wanting to know much more about the world the author has created . . . It is packed full of good characterization, a steady plot, and worldbuilding you can really sink your teeth into."
— Katje van Loon, author of Bellica and Stranger Skies
"A+ world-building in this one. The Wyrd West is set in the post-apocalyptic Canadian prairies-a new wild west only with magic. Alongside the traditional gunslingers, desperados, First Nations people, saloon owners and courtesans, there are also necromancers, elves, gnomes, Mantis-folk, and some steampunk technology. Even the common elements have been tweaked to be just a little different-the courtesan's guild runs a spy network and the saloon owner has a prosthetic hand. I especially enjoyed the gunslingers' magic and code of honour: the Mark of Cain they wear after killing a bandit, the vigil to the Lord and Lady, the blessed ammunition."
— On Spec Magazine

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