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The dark figure was now recognizable. The silhouette of a man with the wide brim of a black hat. In the Spirit-Realm he was outlined with the flames of his damnation. His eyes were shadows of the primordial void. They shimmered with ecstasy and torment.
Showdown by Diane Morrison
  A Desperado is a gunfighter for hire, who possesses supernatural abilities that enhance already astounding natural skills with firearms. A Desperado travels about the countryside of the Wyrd West, offering their services to the highest bidder, usually with little to no regard for the moral or ethical consequences. They sometimes find relatively benign work in security or bounty-hunting, but many prefer robbery or murder for the greater potential payout (or even just the raw adrenaline.)   In many ways, Desperadoes are the polar opposites of the Gunslinger Order. While the Gunslingers channel holy powers, the Desperadoes profane those same gifts by turning them to sinister or selfish purposes. Dark powers are happy to lend their aid to a Desperado, knowing that the path of corruption is an easy lure. As result, Desperadoes frequently become more ethically and morally bent, less compassionate, and more prone to embracing the Seven Deadly Sins. More often than not, if they survive long enough, a Desperado will eventually degenerate into a savage monster under the influence of these dark patrons, prone to sadism, torture, and other horrors, and completely lacking in impulse control.



To be selected to Apprentice as a Desperado, a candidate must already be quite skilled in gunplay. There is also a degree of natural talent required. Because many people in the Wyrd West realize what the Desperadoes stand for, it also requires a certain type of person to aspire to the Calling.

Career Progression

A Desperado is defined by what they can take and hold. For some, progression is lightning-quick, while for others, it is a slow process of planning and politicking (and maybe an assassination or two). However, a wise Desperado always knows to reward their allies and helpers, to earn their loyalty when the inevitable challenge comes.   By tradition, any Desperado may challenge any other for what they possess, at any time. The challenge is offered through a public insult that the challenged has no choice but to answers, such as an accusation of weakness or cowardice. Little attention is paid to the relative experience of the challenger, so if a young, ambitious Desperado feels they can increase their power and prestige by taking it from another highly-placed Desperado, they are welcome to try. More often, of course, the upstart is shot down like a dog. In a way this is fortunate for the rest of the Wyrd West, because it reduces their numbers.

Payment & Reimbursement

When a Desperado is employed by a patron, they are paid extremely well for their services. However, a Desperado might also make their own employment, more often than not through robbery or extortion.

Other Benefits

People rightfully fear Desperadoes and their capabilities. Often, they can achieve great heights of personal wealth and power through sheer intimidation value.



Desperadoes seek only to further their own advancement. They are parasites on the belly of society.

Social Status

Most law-abiding and decent folk, particularly within The Dominion, will have nothing to do with a Desperado. However, there is no shortage of unscrupulous people looking to benefit from a Desperado's unique skills, so they rarely have difficulty in finding gainful employment -- and if they do, horse rustling, bank or train robbery, or extorting a wealthy "patron" is always a good fallback.


Fortunately, the skillset and the Calling to be a Desperado are uncommon, and attrition helps to make them relatively rare.


In the years following The Cataclysm a shadowy figure known as The Dark Rider rose to power in the remains of the American West.

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Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West (Wyrd West Chronicles #1-6)


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Alternative Names
Outlaw, Blackhat
Usually, only the wealthiest folk have the necessary coin to employ a Desperado
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