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A tiny world in the roots of Yggdrasil's Sprout

The day that Shaundar realized he would never be a swordsinger was a beautiful, but otherwise ordinary day on the small world of Peridot. The elves loved their unusual home, with its great roots and branches that stretched all around into the starry firmament, and they called it Yggdrasil’s Sprout, or affectionately, “Old Man” after the Green Man god Bile. Even below, in the far reaches of the roots of the great cosmic tree, the climate was mild and temperate.   It was bristling with old-growth forest too, which made it the perfect colony world for the families of the Avalonian Imperial Navy spacers who patrolled the great tree’s orbit policing pirates, which kept them in fighting shape, even though the Great War was long over.
— -from A Few Good Elves by Diane Morrison
  Peridot is the second-largest of three habitable planetoids in the roots of the Tree of Life known as Yggdrasil's Sprout. Its relationship as a Tree of Life's root-world grants it some distinct properties that would otherwise defy the laws of known physics. While Yggdrasil's Sprout is located in the far reaches of the Telasian System , the unique properties of the Cosmic Tree refract sunlight and heat. Thus, the surface of its contingent planetoids are a comfortable standard earth-like temperature, with a normal twelve hour day and night cycle, and even slight seasonal shifts. The roots of Yggdrasil's Sprout are not visible from the surface of its tiny worlds, even though they are clearly visible on the approach from space.


Peridot is a small world in the roots of the Tree of Life known as Yggdrasil's Sprout, located in the far reaches of the Telasian System. It was settled primarily by elves and gnomes, and serves as an outpost for the Avalonian Imperial Navy in the system.