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Captain Lylas Madrimlian

Captain Sir Lylas Madrimlian "Starfarer"

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  Captain Lylas Madrimlian is a quiet, unassuming elf who serves in the Avalonian Imperial Navy's Intelligence branch. Unremarkable in his physical features and general appearance, he has mastered the art of blending in quietly and not being noticed. This has served him in good stead, both in the course of his service record, and his chosen calling within the Navy.   Madrimlian is held in high regard by many high ranking members of The Mithril within the Avalonian Imperial Navy, and widely feared by many more. As a result, he tends to get the things he requests, even if they push the limits of Naval resources or expectations. Those in the know are aware that he typically knows far more than he lets on, so consequently, they either trust him completely, or they actively avoid him. He has far higher levels of security clearance than might typically be expected for his rank. Fortunately for the Navy, Madrimlian is devoutly loyal to the Navy and the Crown. He would never betray any secret knowledge he possesses to the Crown's enemies, even under pain of torture or death.   Captain Madrimlian has turned this influence to good use. He is the mastermind behind the Naval Intelligence Division, which handles both information-gathering and espionage, and he is the instigator and commanding officer of the Permafrost Project and the Black Arrows Company.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Madrimlian has a lithe, thin build. He is almost suspiciously average in almost every aspect, if a little underweight. He is stronger than he looks, however.   Madrimlian suffers from periodic migraines and frequent nightmares due to a Cthulan Parasitic Infestation, the result of an alchemical accident in his youth. He requires regular alchemical treatments to reduce the number of parasites in his body, preventing them from taking over his system. The treatment is hard on his system and results in a day of convalescence and nausea, which requires bed rest. Otherwise, he is in excellent health.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Madrimlian is a scion of a Sidhe noble family. His father was the Executive Officer aboard the Arianrhod's Pride, where Madrimlian also served as a Midshipman and Ensign. He had two siblings; a brother and a sister. His sister tragically died in an accident when Madrimlian was a boy.   The Captain was part of the infamous young officers' crew of the Arianrhod's Pride at the start of the First Interstellar War (IW1). The group developed a reputation as being both problem-solvers and troublemakers. Madrimlian and the crew of the Arianrhod's Pride distinguished themselves in the War, picking up a handful of medals and several citations and mentions in dispatches.   In the opening salvos of the First Interstellar War the Arianrhod's Pride was attacked, and Madrimlian's father was killed. His surviving brother also died in the course of the War. Madrimlian vowed to never allow the Navy to be taken so unaware again, and dedicated his life to establishing the Naval Intelligence Division.   Near the end of the First Interstellar War, at about the time of Selene Wintermist's marriage to Ruavel Sunfall, which scandalized the Seelie Court and the high society of the Telasian System, Madrimlian threw himself vigorously into his work, and created an information gathering and espionage network for the Avalonian Navy. He met (insert person name here) at about this time, and they began a relationship, but parted ways as more duties were assigned to each of them due to the requirements of the War.


Madrimlian received the education due a young noble elf and officer, and then some. His family are voracious readers and he picked up the habit. The Arianrhod's Pride even boasted a private library available for the crew's use.


Since he was a boy, Madrimlian has worked as part of a ship's crew. He received a field promotion to Ensign due to meritorious service, and passed his Lieutenant's bar three years later. The actions of the Arianrhod's Pride in the course of the First Interstellar War were repeatedly acknowledged by medals and citations, and Madrimlian received a field promotion to Captain for bravery and cool command ability under fire.

Mental Trauma

Madrimlian lost his baby sister during the festival of Oroaias when he was supposed to be watching her. The guilt from this event has been a driving factor in Madrimlian's life and behaviour.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Folds his hands in front of him in a steeple when thinking or plotting (which is often).
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Neutral Good
Current Location
Date of Birth
21 Hunter's Moon, 4590 AC
Year of Birth
4590 AC 451 Years old
Biological Sex
Pale blue grey with subdued silver-grey sparkles, usually framed by a thinker's frown
Mouse Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned
5ft 6in
125 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
A past version of Madrimlian, as of 4639 AC:
Lylas Madrimlian
Character | Jul 30, 2020

Elven Intelligence Officer

Character Portrait image: Madrimlian by Artastrophe


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