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Selene Wintermist

Lady Selene Wintermist

Selene Wintermist is the daughter of the legendary battle maid Deliana Wintermist, Captain of the Arianrhod's Pride, who was raised to the ranks of nobility by her actions in defending the elven throne of Glimmerfell. Selene is in many ways a polar opposite to her fiery tempered, quick-acting mother. She displays a cool, calm demeanor that belies her youth. Always exceptionally intuitive as well as intelligent, and always drawn to faith, the path of a Witch in service to Arianrhod perhaps seemed inevitable. But beneath that coolness, Selene is deeply compassionate, and easily wounded by the evils of the world, especially when they are delivered upon others. She is intensely curious and drawn to the wonders of the stars and the other mysteries of the universe, but she wants to save the world while she explores it - one healing hand at a time.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Selene is lithe and graceful, with long hands and fingers. She moves with an almost ethereal grace.

Body Features

One might describe Selene as "swanlike." She has a long, graceful neck and long legs to match. Her ears taper to a sharp point.

Facial Features

Selene's arresting, powder-blue eyes, with their moon elven silver sparkles, are the feature that people usually first notice. Her facial features are sharp and angular, like many elves, but are softened by her full lips and ready smile. Her eyebrows are gently arched, and she has a high, clear brow that suggests her intelligence. Her skin is so fair it almost seems to glow in moonlight.

Identifying Characteristics

Selene's eyes are bewitching and demand attention. Like most starfarers, she has a celestial compass tattooed over her heart.

Physical quirks

Selene moves with an unconscious, almost supernatural grace. She drums her fingers when impatient, pulls at her ear when thinking, and plays with her long silky hair when upset. She talks with her hands, but her gestures are languid rather than quick and jerky.

Special abilities

Selene is known for her incredible intuition, which some say is downright precognitive.

Apparel & Accessories

Selene is considered one of the beauties of her generation, and is not unconscious of this. She likes to dress in soft, cool colours that enhance her features, possibly with warm accents, such as amber, that draw attention to the contrast. She prefers draping, silk or gossamer clothing that flows around her and draws attention to the ethereal way in which she moves. She prefers light cosmetics that enhance her unusual eyes and soften her lips. She likes necklaces and diadems, and usually wears a large ring on each hand to draw the eye.

Specialized Equipment

Selene owns a Gnomish Intrastellar Personal Transport Device (GIPTD) and is learning how to use it

Mental characteristics

Personal history

It's always just been my mother and me. She speaks fondly of my father, but not in an attached way, and I don't know who he is. My guess is that I was a merrybegot and he was an old friend, not a long-term relationship. Not that this bothers me; I know for humans there appears to be some sort of stigma, but I don't really understand why. Mom and I never needed anyone else.   I'm a Navy brat. Mom made her way up through the Marines, and now she captains the Arianrhod's Pride, a dreadnaught! This is unusual for a Sidhe elf; Alfar usually get the promotions. But she's got more than a few medals, and I've heard tales of how she's distinguished herself against pirates, Cthulans and worse. It's a big reputation, and there's some big shoes to fill.   Fortunately, Mom never expected that of me. She knew we were cut of different cloth. I'm not a warrior. I've always heard the call of wild things, the moon, and the Mysterious powers. She encouraged me to pursue what I wanted to do. And I found faith in the Moon Goddess.   But I'm still training for a Navy career. I love the stars, and there's no better way to go and see them. Navies need healers too, and I enjoy that work. I always have, I guess, which is how I found Laf'Ather, my owl. She fell out of the nest and I took her home. I didn't realize that her parents wouldn't accept her after she smelled like me. So, that made taking care of her my responsibility, I guess. You live and learn.   I guess I've been a bit sheltered despite growing up on one ship or another. I was always the great Lady Wintermist's daughter, and I think I've been protected by that. But I can't be protected forever.   Now I've just been promoted to Junior Lieutentant, and I hope not to screw it up! The enlisted crew like me well enough, but that could be affection left over from being a little girl on their ship. Now I guess I'll see if I really have the stuff to be a leader or not. And certainly they've given me a real acid test in the form of Ruavel and Xerxes - and Crowley. *sigh*

Gender Identity

Selene identifies as female and is cisgender.


Selene, like the majority of elves, is cheerfully bisexual. However, she's much more prone to flirt and kiss than to take it a step further. She is unusually inexperienced for an elf of her age and background, especially among the Sidhe. It's not a lack of interest, but more that she is self-aware enough to recognize that she can't help but love with her whole heart. The person who receives that gift is going to have to be truly special.


Selene's education has been excellent as a young midshipswoman of the noble class in the Avalonian Imperial Navy, but is lacking in some of the subjects that the Alfar of dirtsider cultures might consider important. Her social education is also considerably limited outside of a starfarer's life.


Commodore in the Telasian Fleet

Accomplishments & Achievements

Promoted to Ensign Promoted to Junior Lieutenant Promoted to Marine Captain Promoted to Major Promoted to Naval Captain

Failures & Embarrassments

The fiasco that was Ruavel and Xerxes' kidnapping of a gnomish alchemist in Whirlybird

Intellectual Characteristics

Selene likes to read, and studies a variety of subjects - especially space, faith, and magic

Morality & Philosophy

Selene believes in the sanctity of life, and tries not to kill unless she absolutely has to.

Personality Characteristics


Selene aspires to explore the cosmos, and hopefully to make the universe a better place in some small way. She also aspires to do her mother and the Navy proud in her new commission. This was not the career path she was expecting, but she intends to make the best of it, and to give it her all.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Festivals, animals, starscapes, flying, a good book, good friends, nice clothing, fine food   Dislikes: Over-drinking, chaos, super-rich foods, foolishness, being cooped up indoors, waiting


Contacts & Relations

Selene Wintermist is the daughter of the legendary battle maid Deliana Wintermist, Captain of the Arianrhod's Pride, who was raised to the ranks of nobility by her actions in defending the elven throne of Glimmerfell.

Family Ties

Deliana Wintermist is highly regarded by the Court of Glimmerfell, and respected by the nobles of Evergleam. Deliana's parents (Selene's grandparents) were common-born before their daughter was elevated to the nobility, and they live in their daughter's tree estate in Evergleam. They have no other living family.

Religious Views

Selene is intensely devoted to Arianrhod, goddess of the moon and of healing. Like her goddess, she can be capricious and spiteful as well as compassionate and gentle. She was drawn to the church from a very early age, and is prone to mysticism and the occasional ecstatic trance. She enjoys celebrating her goddess under the light of the full moon or stars, and may engage in ecstatic dance for the sheer joy of it.

Social Aptitude

Selene is a witty conversationalist and a good companion, if she's given the chance. However, she often feels out of place in the Alfar court, which is likely intended by the Alfar. In such circles, she can be shy and awkward. She is more prone to spend time in her own company than in that of others, communing with the moon and the beings of the forest, or reading, dancing, or playing music.

Hobbies & Pets

Laf'Ather, barn owl familiar


Ruavel Sunfall


Towards Selene Wintermist

Selene Wintermist


Towards Ruavel Sunfall

Wealth & Financial state

The Wintermists are fairly wealthy, thanks to the ill-gotten gains of Deliana's adventuring career. However, this wealth is New Money, not Old Money, so the Wintermists lack many of the trappings of ancient nobility, such as an estate in Glimmerfell or ancient and exceptionally valuable family heirlooms. Most of their heirlooms were acquired only a generation ago.
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A young idealistic Sidhe elven priestess of the Moon Goddess Arianrhod. She is fascinated by the wonder of the universe, and is looking to explore and to seek adventure.

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Chaotic Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Noble Lady of House Wintermist
Date of Birth
6th Storm Moon, 4590 AC
Ruavel Sunfall (spouse)
Current Residence
Arianrhod's Pride
Powder Blue
Midnight Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale with a distinct bluish undertone
100 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Oh dear"

Ship's Log, Day -5
14 Flower Moon, 4639 AC

Well! I'm happy to have a new crop of middies aboard! And I won't lie; I sure appreciate the promotion to Ensign. It's the first time I've had anything passing as authority, and this only over the middies. I hope I do a good job!   They seem a good bunch; and only a few dirtsiders among them. But I think they'll be all right. They strike me as an adaptable and clever bunch, especially Yazma and her delightful companion Crowley. I must admit, I'm really amused by Crowley's antics, too. I just hope he doesn't get himself into too much trouble!   Ardan seems a bit like he's off in his own world, but I'm sure he's just a bit shy. He seems to know his way around a ship, anyway. Alva is nice too, although a bit grim. I find myself wondering what has happened to her in the past to make her so... stern.   I like VonVin a lot. She seems like a real go-getter! No complaints about anything so far. And it's always nice to have a lot of druids on a ship. Makes the ship feel so much... happier. More fun to work on!   So many of them seem to share my wonder at the beauty of space. Yazma, Alva and VonVin all reacted exactly the same way I did my first time, and it obviously hasn't gotten old for Adran yet, either. That's good, that gives us a common bond to build rapport with!   Madrimilian is his usual curmudgeonly self, but I can tell he likes them too. He's fooling no one, silly boy.   The only one I can't quite figure is Ruavel. Certainly he's handsome enough -- and he knows it too, the prat. Is his "I'm not really an Alfar, I just look like one" thing a put-on? Or does he really tack so much against the Airt? I can't tell. Certainly he has a bit of a troublemaker's streak, otherwise he never would have let me kiss him at the festival. And smoking in the middies' berth! I didn't want to be a hardass right off, but perhaps it's best he ran afoul of the LT right away.   One wonders why a scion of the illustrious Sunfall house is only a midshipman, though. Is it just that he has little active service in his history, since no one else takes the Glimmerfell fleet seriously? Or is it an urge to upset apple carts? I think I might have to keep an eye on him...


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