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Ruavel Sunfall

Midshipman Lord Ruavel Sunfall (a.k.a. Rualith)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Muscled and ripped, tall and lean

Body Features

Pierced ears

Physical quirks

Ruavel is ALWAYS well dressed, and he smiles alot

Apparel & Accessories

Clean, well cut uniform and fancy longsword

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Ruavel identifies as male


Ruavel is trysexual, he's likely to try it if it's sexual


Rualith is highly educated at the Elven Naval Academy on Glimmerfell


Currently serving his Midshipman's term on the Arianrod's Pride


Ruavel Sunfall


Towards Selene Wintermist

Selene Wintermist


Towards Ruavel Sunfall

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A devastatingly handsome young nobleman, who would come across as a bit of a prat if he weren't so likeable.

Current Location
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Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Midshipman, Lord
Current Residence
Strawberry Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
165 lb
Known Languages
Draconic, Elfin, Elven, Gnome, Orc, Sylvan
Ruled Locations

14 Flowermoon 4639
14 Flowermoon 4639 AC

What a day I've had! It started off with Lilaina dumping me first thing in the morning; Happy Oroaias! Then my father's "stiff upper lip, head high, back straight" talk to console me on losing my girlfriend. So that's how I got put on "Disciplinary measures". I guess I should explain to future generations reading my journal; one does not roll ones eyes and quip "whatever" at Commodore Lord Ruavel Sunfall Sr. (I swear if I ever have a son I am naming him something Sidhe or Nereid, just to spite him). So I find myself standing in the navy recruitment office, waiting for my dad's friend Captain Wintermist, to serve a midshipman's term on her dreadnaught, when I realize I am not alone. At first, I thought she was Stjarnalfar, star elven, but then I realized she was just a rather pretty Sidhe, sitting in the corner, trying to look inconspicuous. A couple of boys were coming on pretty strong to her and she looked uncomfortable, so I drove them off. I think something horrible happened to her, I don't know why, or what, I just get that feeling.   Just then a flock of Elves led by a really pretty Sidhe, burst into the office, I think they had been drinking, or smoking cannabis. They had an intelligent talking cat like Master Elkhorn's, so I think it was a familiar. Anyway, one of the girls, the leader, whose name it turns out is Selene, asked me if I'd freak out if she kissed me, and I said "no" so she did. Then I learned she is Captain Wintermist's daughter, so screw that idea! Both Selene and this other Sidhe named Madrimlian were promoted to ensign and put in charge of us and we grabbed our dunnage and made for the Captain's pinnace to see our new post.   My father never even came back to wish me luck after dropping me at the recruiting office. He'll probably be pissed when he finds out I stole his humidor, but fuck him!   So my new shipmates didn't rat me out for smoking in the middies birth and one of the LTs gave us all latrine duty, for a fortnight! I think I'll do my best to get it done ahead of them so they don't have to work as hard. Anyway, the Captain dressed me down for doing it and made me feel stupid, so I guess I won't do that again.   Until next time, nosy buggers reading my journal!


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