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Lylas Madrimlian

Ensign Lylas Madrimlian (a.k.a. Madman Madrimlian)

Lylas Madrimlian, the eldest son of a naval officer, wasn't the type to want to pull ropes his whole life and so decided to seek specialized training in intelligence. He had a flair for languages and decided to try his hand at covert ops as a means to assist his people. Little did he realized it meant getting back on board a naval vessel and pulling ropes to maintain a cover.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


Body Features

Shoulder-length flowing brown locks, trim frame.

Facial Features

Clean faced, knowledgable pale ice blue eyes as though he has seen more than his age denotes.

Identifying Characteristics

Plain appearance, easily overlooked

Physical quirks

He walks proudly, though he has a tendency to pull on his fingers when he is stressed. He prefers to use his right hand, though he is completely capable of using either.

Special abilities

Wild talent psionicist

Apparel & Accessories

Commonly seen wearing ship uniform, though he does have court garb.

Specialized Equipment

He has a small alchemical kit which is commonly found in his dunnage.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He was born into a noble family, his father is an Elven officer on a Naval ship in the Imperial Elven Navy. He has two siblings a younger brother and a younger sister.

Gender Identity



Though he is interested in Female elves, he could be persuaded to consider a liaison with members of his own gender.


Well educated specializing in military intelligence. Looking to create his own special unit to deal with any and all enemies of the Elven Nation.


Midshipman on an Avalonian Naval Vessel

Accomplishments & Achievements

Recently promoted to Ensign

Failures & Embarrassments

Promoted to Ensign and pretty much immediately was dressed down by LT. Numilor Goldenbough.

Mental Trauma

Lost his baby sister during the festival of Oroaias in which he was supposed to be watching her. Never willing to let his failure keep him down he has dedicated his life to trying to protect all elven kind.

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

Of all the things which he has seen and done the only thing that keeps him sane is the correctness of the Avalonian Imperial Navy. He is learning that there are things which do not meet his assumptions nor his expectations. Therefore he feels he needs to understand more of the politics and ethics behind the charter and pledge of the AIN.

Personality Characteristics


Lylas dreams of building his own intelligence network within the Avalonian Navy however understands that in order to do so it will take much work and dedication. Also in order to be successful he would need to keep it low-key and running under the radar of the Mithril so that his unit would be protected.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Madrimlian is very astute and is unlikely to be caught unaware whenever he decides there may be a problem. The unfortunate part of that is that he can be suspicious of everyone around him including his friends and colleagues.

Likes & Dislikes

Madrimlian likes the structure and ethics espoused by his commanding officers, however, what he dislikes most is duplicity and deceit, though he knows there will be times in which he may be forced to utilize those tactics in order uncover deeper truths and hidden secrets.

Virtues & Personality perks

Exceptionally alert and vigilant.

Vices & Personality flaws

He tends to suspect corruption everywhere he looks until he can prove otherwise.


Madrimlian prides himself on his personal hygiene in respect to the perception of the ship to which he is stationed.


Contacts & Relations

Father is the X-O on the Arianrhod's Pride and Lylas superior officer. His best friend is Selene Wintermist, a fellow Midshipman and the daughter of the Captain.  His fellow midshipmen are slowly earning his trust though he isn't likely to acknowledge it until he has too.  Ardan and Ruaval are quickly becoming p[eople which he would wish to have his back in any situation.

Family Ties

Long time friend of the Wintermist family, his father is well trusted and places trust in his son for discretion and accuracy.

Religious Views

follows Loki as a lay follower


Tends to try to blend into the background in order to learn while not being intrusive.

Hobbies & Pets

He enjoys reading and can be found in a library at almost any given opportunity studying military history, languages, and old field reports which are not classified; looking for discrepancies between filed reports and historical annotations.


Soft spoken, rarely says much.
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Elven Intelligence Officer

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Neutral good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Chief trouble maker. Madman Madrimlian, Ensign.
Date of Birth
21 Hunter's moon 4590 AC
Sol'Tohvass Neris
Current Residence
Arianrhod's Pride
Pale Ice Blue
Mouse Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5ft 6in
117 lbs
Known Languages
Elfin, Alfar, Orc, Draconic, Goblin, Gnome, Sylvan, Balorian, Sidhe, Nunnehi, Nereid
A future version of Madrimlian, as of 5041 AC:
Captain Lylas Madrimlian
Character | Jun 30, 2021

Well will you look at that....
18th Hunters Moon

18 Hunters Moon.   We have successfully captured four more corvets, wiped out 12 gunboats, crippled one corvet, lost one corvet as it escaped. We captured 2 goblins, one named Ghenk (caught wearing one red and one green sock), and I haven't gotten the name of the one I caught before they could fall off the ship. Ruavel has taken the Cpt. of one ship as a prisoner and has given him his parole. The Ship which was taken by Selene and Nimolin was taken with no loss of life, so they have an entire ship of prisoners. I doubt Ghenk wants to return to the Fomorian army.

27th Cornmoon 4711

So I took Dazzle Kat for a nice little chat. I learned about her past, her time on the Fairy Princess (merchant ship). She used to make runs from Te'lasia to Simmeron. Orphanages in Amber Port in Te'lasia, Joan Boyer was the name she was given by the round ears in the orphanage. I have learned that Dazzle Kat has never had anyone to watch their back. I have explained that as a member of the marines we have each other's backs. I informed her as to the actions of the captain from before we had our own ship and the lashing she received, as well as the reason behind it. I have recruited her to assist me in creating the intelligence division and given her a task to fulfill. I said I would try to procure a second work uniform so she might be able to wash one while wearing the other.   Captain; I would like to formally request her as my Aide de Camp. There are things she can teach me and things I feel she needs to learn that I am capable of teaching her. Because of her history, I now understand her reasoning for the dislike of authority. As a child in the orphanage, she was treated poorly by the people there. I figure with time and the proper motivation she will become an excellent member f the crew. I did tell her you were close to spacing her to get her to listen to what I had to say. I doubt she will be shirking her duties any time in the near future, as that is part of the conditions I have set for her. I would like to pair her off with another marine for a time that has had a similar background, that is if there are any onboard. She has contacts in Simmeron that are not as above board as well would like but that is something I think we can use.   She has spent a great deal of time having to rely on her wits and skills. I am not sure she feels completely safe here at the moment I am wondering if there is any way we as the officers can help with this situation. Oh, and she has a nice little trinket that detects magic when looked through. I recommend we allow her to keep it as she had it before she joined up. It is not something that would be harmful to the ship or its crew and could be very beneficial out in the field.

The Training Begins in Earnest
3 Buckmoon 4639 AC

3 Buckmoon 4639 AC   Well today we suited up for our first true exercise with the "bug" suits hauling the spindizzies from the Sword of Stars to the hulks on which they are to be installed for our training on deployment and breaching techniques. Once the spindizzies were placed, which took about four hours and left most of us exhausted to the point of collapse. The Sargeant and LT brought back a space tuna for the ship larder. Luwreak and I spent time in the Alchemy lab working with Specialist Tomlin on explosives for hull breaching. Ardan and Yazma are having issues with control and are going to need additional practice to avoid rigging and gain more control. With the initial run, they got caught up in the in rigging of the Sword of Star to raucous laughter from the crew. Not sure what Crowley was doing while we were on maneuvers but I am not sure it was to the benefit of our group. (Crowley went to speak with Specialist Tomlin about an idea he had for a delivery device which the characters will learn about in the upcoming game and then sat there watching the alchemist.)

I think I made an OOPS
23 Rosemoon 4369

23rd Rosemoon 4369   On the 21st of Rosemoon, a few crewmembers and I went to Whirleybird for our time off. Luwreak was looking for better weapons for himself as that was the only place he could garner such equipment. Crowley and Yazma went looking for a place to make some money, which I presume was successful, and the Sunfall boys were looking for other things which I later found out were little space suits of a kind. I, myself went looking for alchemical training. While I was practicing my crafting, I decided to make coffee on the bunsen burner. I failed to pay close attention to m surroundings while reaching for my coffee I accidentally grabbed the wrong beaker and took a huge swig. I don't recall much after that until I came back to my senses on the ship. I do however recall conversations going on around me though I didn't hear them per se. I awoke to the feeling of having hundreds of voices in my head. I learned that the substance I had consumed was brain fluid which had a unique side affect upon my being. I am told I was brought back to the ship in a casket packed with ice to reduce my fever. I am going to have to be very careful now as I may unwittingly intrude into the thoughts of other crew and officers which could land me in hot water. In fact, I think as soon as I finish writing this journal entry I am going to need to ask the Captain if it would be ok to keep it in the ship's safe until I have further need of it and return it once my notes are finished.

Brigands and Autognomes
20th Rosemoon 4639

20th Rosemoon 4639   We arrived at Peridot and were summoned to the Captain's quarters to receive orders. Our orders were to go down to the planet and assist in tracking down the bandits which have been plaguing the settlers as they embark on their journey to find and establish new homes. Once we reported to the base commander and learned of the most recent attack we gathered mounts and headed out to investigate. Thanks to Crowley's superior sense of smell we were able to track the bandits to the beach where their ship was floundering in the bay. Travelling through the thick jungle from the road to the shore was a slow and arduous journey as we neither knew the terrain nor what types of creatures inhabited it.   Once we reached the shore we noticed there were three lifeboats on the shore and knowing the type of ship they originated from knew there was one missing. This did not mean that our investigation was over. We figured we had found the brigands ship but still needed to find the brigands and bring them to justice one way or another. Not only that but we still needed to check out the ship itself to see if we could find any clues as to the nature of the brigands. So splitting the party with Crowley and Yazma heading back to the base to collect reinforcements should we need them, I led a small reconnoitre party to the ship with the Staff Sgt, Xerxes and Vonvin leaving Lt. Selene, Arden and Ruavel on the shore as lookouts. Once we reached the ship it appeared to be abandoned except for the fact that someone was working the bilge pumps. We entered the ship through the window of the captain's cabin and began our search. The ship was indeed abandoned except for the odd metallic gnome locked in the hold working the pumps. We couldn't leave him there. We released him. About this time Crowley and Yazma returned with the marine reinforcements.   The metallic gnome's name is Luwraek and we found his missing gear which we returned to him. Also, we devised a plan to bring the brigands to justice and so we laid a trap and waited for them. We learned that they went out in bands of about twelve and that there were about two dozen of them in total. They considered Luwraek a golem and not a living being.   The marines took their ships around the headland to hide their presence from the returning brigands. The first group returned and a battle ensued. We were able to capture three of them. About an hour after we reset everything to how we thought it was the next group returned, led by the Capt. of the ship which we learned was named The Sweet Tart. After another short but brutal battle, we captured the captain and 3 members of her crew giving us a total of seven captives.   Vonvin and the LT. were able to heal the damage to the helm and the hull making us somewhat seaworthy again, so we limped the ship back to base.

Commendations and recognition
21 Flowermoon 4639 AC

21 Flowermoon 4639 AC   Well we completed our mission and were given 3 days R&R after reporting tot he temple of Arianrhod for psychological assessment. Once we completed that we received orders to return to base for parade. Upon falling in the base commander began by making a speech about the circumstances. The squad was singled out for commendations in regards to our activities in the apprehension of the perpetrators of the slavery and smuggling of conflict diamonds. Of the two Ensigns Selene and myself there was an adjustment in the chain of command, Selene is now acting junior LT. I am happy she got the promotion as it leaves me free to support her and still function as an intelligence agent. The SGT. was also promoted to Staff Sgt. I am glad for him. I enjoy working with him and the rest of my crew. Once our leave is over it will be time to report back to the ship and resume our regular duties there. I hope we do not encounter too much of the type of intrigue as we have recently seen during our tour otherwise we can all be in big trouble. Especially since there will be those who will have it out for our squad and will try to find any excuse to eliminate us. I will be discussing this with the other midshipmen, the Staff Sgt., and the Jr. LT. I am worried but there isn't much we can do at this time, except prepare for the worst and hope for the best, and take precautions to look after each other. Thank goodness we have Crowley who doesn't fall under the chain of command.

A little fun in the night!!
20 Flowermoon 4639 AC

20 Flowermoon 4639 AC   As we were preparing to leave for our night mission a Lt. Gloryhall came to us in our barracks with orders for Alva to be reassigned who knows where but that is not our business. He also brought us a Marine Sgt. Airaion Mithethas to assist in our objective. He seems to fit right in with our little group and glad to have him with us.   As we approached the tavern a few of us noticed they had posted a sentry across the road in the second-story window. Crowley did his usual underhanded mischief and dispatched him quickly and quietly so as not to raise any alarms. Sgt Mithethas then proceeded to climb up and stabilize the individual while also restraining him for further questioning. Depriving him of his belt pouches and weapons we soon discovered that he was a mage due to the spell components in his pouches. We then proceeded to the tavern and had to dispatch yet another sentry through stealth, a Crowley specialty. Upon entering the tavern we discovered that the hidden passageway was not a mechanical endeavour but an illusion hiding the entrance. We entered and descended down a flight of stairs into a very dark tunnel. Crowley leading the way until we reached a room in which there were three ogres and a group of elves. Most of the elves were prisoners chained to the floor so they could not escape, however, one of the elves was in collusion with the ogres. Understanding that we were unlikely to be effective against all of them by ourselves we called upon the platoon of Marines awaiting our signal and devised a plan to empty the room of its occupants. Crowley pulled the three ogres out of the room but the elf stayed behind with the prisoners and decided to hold one as a hostage and humanoid shield. We rushed him and quickly subdued him. Once he was unconscious we tied him up and proceeded to free the prisoners. The Sgt, Auravel and Ardan guarded the other entrance to the room in case reinforcements showed up while Selene freed the prisoner. I had an idea and left to accomplish it then thought better of it and returned to help free prisoners. The expected reinforcements did arrive, however, the entrance was blocked and defended, just as the last prisoners were released. Dragging lengths of chain to where we could throw them at the enemy over the heads of our compatriots Selene and I did just that while the others held back the onslaught of rogues.   Unfortunately, we were outnumbered. However, due to the confined space and tactics of our fighter oriented crew, we were able to hold them off and route them. This led to a chase until we encountered the proverbial fork in the road. Upon reaching the three-way split we pulled back to regroup and discuss further tactics. It was decided to call in the Marines to hold the passageways which we did not explore.   I was not privy to the happenings to which Crowley, Yazma, Xerxes and Vonvin were participating in. Crowley did fill us in on the minor details that the ogres did not fare well and that the refugees had made it out at least to the common room of the tavern where Vonvin, Yazma and Xerxes were attending to them.   Once we regrouped we discovered that Carisa Eywecrescent was with the group so we informed her that she has been missed. Grabbing fifteen of the twenty-five Marines we descending back into the mine to try and find the perpetrators of this heinous crime. Once we retraced our steps to the three-way junction we broke up into three groups with five marines each. I led one down the right-hand tunnel, Selene led the second down the middle tunnel, while Xerxes was placed in charge of the third, down the left-hand tunnel. In my group I elected to have VonVin and Ardan, Selene was given Auraval and Sgt. Airaion, which left Yazma and Crowley with Xerxes. The divisions were tactical in nature since trying to split up Yazma and Crowley would be a big mistake.   My group followed the tunnel until we reached the bottom which led into the city sewer system, at which point we knew there was no way to track them if they had come that way so we headed back. Upon reaching the three-way once again we found two of the marines stationed there with intel for us. I decided that splitting our forces would be the most beneficial at that point so I assigned one of the marines to remain with the two already there as rear guard. Sending VonVin and Ardan off with two of the marines to trace Selene's group when we heard a loud "BANG" I told them to double-time it down the passageway to assist our comrades, while I took the last two marines and followed the final tunnel which held Xerxes and company. My opinion was that each group might need backup and since Selene was in the one group that meant I had no choice but to regroup with Xerxes and take command.   Upon catching up with them it was discovered that they had followed the tunnel to its inevitable termination in the wilderness outside of town. There was no way I was going to abandon my shipmates in the mines so I had two Marines stay to guard the entrance while I collected the others to rally with our compatriots. Since I couldn't order Crowley to come he decided to track the escaping vagabonds on his own. Xerxes asked permission to follow with two of the marines to make sure Crowley stayed safe. I granted permission, which left Yazma, myself and two marines to retrace our steps in order to catch up to Selene and company. On our way we passed the site of her first battle though I wouldn't call it much of a battle more of an improvised ambush where the two "guards" were easily dispatched and two of the marines were assisting prisoners out of a pit and to freedom. We continued to follow at double time until we reached a chasm with a bridge over it. Of course, the bridge was designed for the mining carts where we caught up with Selene and her party. Almost running into an ambush ourselves set up by our own people because they were unaware that we were trying to catch up to them.   Once we made our way across the bridge we discovered a freight elevator. Well, we didn't know what the terrain was like below it so we decided to prepare a back-up escape scenario where we could dismantle the bridge once we were back to the cavern with the pit if the need arose. As we were finishing those preparations, Crowley and Xerxes caught up to us, thus completing our compliment minus a few marines who were either running rearguard or assisting others in accessing freedom. We quickly headed back to the elevator and devised a plan on how to scout out the terrain without raising an alarm. Crowley who is our scout extraordinaire climbed down the shaft and discovered a lone guard at the bottom of the shaft which he eliminated in a very "cat-like" manner which is he pounced on the guard and separated life from body. When we heard his howl we knew there was no way to maintain any element of surprise, which we had essentially tossed out the proverbial window anyway since the freight elevator was not going to a quiet means of digress down the shaft we quickly embarked to descend to the bottom. Sending the marine who turned to crank to lower us down back up to collect his fellow marines. We proceeded to investigate the area and found there was really only one tunnel out. Crowley, as usual, took off to investigate, he needs no warning from us, as his wont and pretty much directive in such instances. He reported that the tunnel ended in a cavern with about a dozen slaves mining the diamonds and six "assholes" overseers with whips. At which point Selene and I made the command decision to attack and free the slaves. We would, of course, have to kill some of the overseers as there was no way our motley crew would be able to take them all alive for questioning. We did still have the first elf chained upstairs in the original room where we freed the first set of prisoners. During the conflict Crowley and I tried to free the prisoners who were being forced to mine the diamonds. I am not entirely sure what went on behind be as I was focused on the task at hand. I did however overhear the sounds of battle. As none of my companions called out for assistance, I figured they had everything well in hand.

More intrigue... I love it.
19 Flowermoon 4639 AC

19 Flowermoon 4639 AC   Once we reported to Lt.Cmd. Oakheart he gave us a new assignment, to find and detain if possible the malfeasants' responsible landside and to dig into the organization behind the smuggling of the conflict diamonds.   We retraced our steps of the previous night and spoke with Alia again this time bringing proper treats for her. In our discussion with her, we learned that she has been protecting the local population of homeless who have been living in the park. She considers them to be her people and they have been going missing. Roughly one person every week and a half. Of course, we reported this to the Lt.Cmd. along with the information that the ones responsible seem to be working out of a local establishment.   Crowley, Alva, Yazma and Selene did some footwork into the establishment, a pub or tavern from the appearance, and noted that there seems to be a hidden door in the back hallway. Most of the rest of us stayed outside watching for any trouble. There was no trouble at that time. We are of course heading back to investigate later on tonight.   As we were getting ready to bed down, after doing a thorough cleaning of our barracks, who should show up but Lt. Goldenbough to read us the riot act yet again. Demanding why we were not out doing work with the loading of the crates which was our original assignment. Selene quickly responded that we were on the night shift, which is true to some extent. After which the Lt. demanded to know why we were not in our bunks sleeping, to which we responded that we had just cleaned our barracks, of course, he had to denigrate our work and remark that they were still filthy. Selene calmly requested to know if he thought we should start over. His response was to order us to bed in preparation for our night shift.   Crowley that intrinsic troublemaker snuck off and reported the Lt. to the Lt.Cmd. without our knowledge. Of course when he returned and reported to us what he had done he had our full consent, since if the Lt. was here and hadn't reported to the Lt.Cmd. it could only be assumed that he was AWOL and up to no good.

A day off the ship
18 Flowermoon 4639 AC

18 Flowermoon 4639 AC   Well, today Captain Wintermist gave use middies an assignment to help load the Colony ships with supplies for their journey. We will be making three gold a day for an eight-hour shift each day until we have everything loaded. This gives us an opportunity to see the planet of Arhianrod and has the added bonus of getting us out from under the LT's attention. I am afraid that once we return to the ship after this assignment is over, however, that the LT is going to be more of a dick than usual and accuse us of shirking our duties and trying to get out of latrine duty.   During the first two hours of our shift loading the crates for the freighters a number of us noticed some unseemly actions being taken by what appeared to be enlisted in the loading of the crates just before they were sealed and sent off for loading. After discussing it amongst ourselves for a minute or two Selene and I decided to approach Quartermaster Whiteoak about our observations. He was not too pleased by the news and decided to investigate himself. A couple of hours later he ambled over to inspect the crates in what appeared to be a routine inspection and noticed the contraband which was being quietly inserted into the crates. I, unfortunately, had just kicked one of the crates and I think I may have broken a toe at the time so I was unaware of exactly what it was he had found until we were informed. We were then tasked with the removal of the crates from the ship to which they had been loaded. Honestly, this is going to be the best payday for a single day's work in a while as there is a bonus for which we will be benefitting from. On our fifth trip from the ship to the armoury where the crates were to be stored we were approached by a shadowy figure in an alley, trying to compel us to allow him and his colleagues to remove the contraband before returning the crates to the armoury. Neither myself nor Selene considered this to be of tactical value and so prepared to do what was necessary to prevent the items from falling into the wrong hands yet again.   Unfortunately, they decided to make a run for it and attempt an ambush on a portion of the party. Once they realized that an ambush was inevitable they ceased pursuit. We had already captured a couple of the individuals, which the MP took custody of. They were marched into the brig in the armoury where we were depositing the crates from the Hand of Bridget. The rest of the day was fairly uneventful until we were relieved of duty for mess. During Mess I noticed we were being watched. They were trying to be covert about it unfortunately for them, I am no amateur when it comes to noticing details.   Later that evening we decided to investigate the possible ambush sight. Leaving Alva and Ardan in the barracks we left. I was alert to anyone following us just in case due to the scrutiny we were under during mess. The only one I caught following us was Alva at which point Selene and Ruaval headed back to the barracks because it is unwise to leave anyone alone while away from the ship and Ardan is our responsibility as Ensign. Upon arriving back to the barracks Ruaval and Selene noticed that the door was ajar, which is not how we had left it and so took defensive actions. During which they captured a number of people in our barracks trying to plant conflict diamonds in our gear in hopes of framing us; or that is my theory. Meanwhile, Xerxes, VonVin, Alva, Crowley, Yazma and myself continued to th0e park where we figured the ambush was to be staged. None of us being trained in actual tracking we lost the trail, however, we did notice that we were being watched. To which we decided to investigate who or what was watching us. Crowley being a catlike being decided to take the direct approach which may have caused more harm than good. When we lost sight of the creature I began to listen for anything out of the ordinary. What I heard was a tearing sound, which had me considering that we may be dealing with a sylvan creature. Considering that, I decided to try speaking in Sylvan. I didn't mean any harm to the creature was just interested in any information they could offer and informed them of such. We talked for a few minutes and received a small amount of information for which I was grateful. After thanking the creature, a faun I later learned, I asked how we could repay it. The response was not to come any closer to which I agreed and called off the rest of our party. Upon leaving I left a few chocolate-covered coffee beans, which was the only sweets I had on me at the time.   After foll0wing the path as the faun had suggested we lost the trail at the edge of the golf course. At which point we decided to return to the barracks and regroup. Once we got there we saw the MP's dragging off the intruders. I recognized a couple of them from the mess hall as those who were watching us. Once we had regrouped we discussed the night's activities and searched our dunnage upon which we found the contraband.       19 Flowermoon 4639 AC   We took the contraband immediately to Lt Commander Whiteoak in order to inform him of the situation. We knew we could end up being in big trouble for waking him in the middle of the night, however, we understood that if we delayed there could be further complications, so we took our chances. After disclosing the night's activities and the situation he was glad we had interrupted his sleep with this news. He was the one who informed us that we had encountered a faun named Alia, and that he was glad we had apprised him of the situation. After our discussion, he dismissed us to barracks to get some sleep until our next shift whereupon we were to report to him directly in the morning for a briefing as to our duties for the day.   We all headed back to the barracks where we all responsibly fell asleep, except for myself who had to write in my journal of the day's events. I fear that if I do not keep accurate records of the going's on of each day while we are away from the ship the Captain or ExO could call into question our conduct which I feel could bring further complications to our assignments.   As an aside Lt Commander Whiteoak asked us what we knew of the Goldenbough family as it seems Captain Goldenbough was implicated in the plot to smuggle the conflict diamonds off Arianrhod.

A Midshipman's Musings
14 Flowermoon 4639 AC

14 Flowermoon 4639 AC   Today was Oroaias, oh how I hate this day. It's the anniversary of my baby sister's death. I wish I had been paying closer attention to her, I was supposed to be watching her. If I hadn't been out enjoying myself I may have been able to save her instead of learning that she had fallen down stairs and broken her neck.   On other topics, We hired some new midshipmen today for the Arianrhod's Pride. Yazma Snowwind and her catlike companion Crowley, Ardan Spellsword, Alva Darkwood, VonVin Starsong, and "Lord" Ruavel Sunfall. A few thoughts on each. Yazma seems like a decent elf however her companion is a bit of a character and may just get us into trouble with the higher-ups. Crowley is a Finoc whatever that is, from some planet I have never heard of.   Alva actually scares me a bit, she is way too attached to her armour and weapons and seems way too eager to use them, hopefully, she calms down over time during this tour. VonVin and Ruavel are Alfar and are going to need extra watching.   Ruavel seems to be acting like his being Alfar is nothing important which is odd for Alfar. I truly hope his attitude isn't a mask and that he may actually be that nice. He had to light a cigar in the midshipman's berth and bring down the wrath of Lt. Numilor Goldenbough. Of course, the LT. has always been a prick and because of the situation has given us latrine duty for the next week. This is completely in keeping with his character as he has to find some way to lord it over those who are beneath him in the chain of command.   VonVin actually seems decent, I think it is because she is a druid and we can always use druids on the ship. If she is as capable as she seems this could actually be a fairly enjoyable tour.   Ardan seems like a very capable starfarer having had previous experience on starseeds. He does seem to be off on his own even when in the group. Though he may be worth cultivating a friendship with.   Selene seems rather taken with Ruavel so I am going to have to watch them closely. I don't wish to see her hurt. Of course, Ruavel seems to be interested in her as well which could have some major repercussions. I may end up having to play intermediary from time to time. Oh how ignoble.


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