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Avalonian Imperial Marine Corps

"From Starry Sea to Planetside," the elven space marines fight on the ground and in the Void

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The Avalonian Imperial Marine Corps is a division of space marines that answer to the Avalonian Imperial Navy. They are both soldiers and sailors, which is to say, they are trained in both ground and space tactics.   Imperial Marines are expected, when on ship, to serve in all the duties appropriate to a sailor of their equivalent rank, from swabbing the deck to supervising gun drills. In addition, marines are expected to lead, carry out, and defend against boarding actions, and to do the same during ground and orbital actions. One marine serves on each gun crew, and marines also guard the safe, the captain's quarters, and the liquor vault, serve as ship security for VIPs and pay parade, and interface with any planetary military forces they may have to work with, including to provide training.


Because it was originally a division of the Imperial Army, the Imperial Marines are not an independent military body. Instead, they ultimately answer to Star Command and the rest of the Avalonian Imperial Navy command structure. They began as a single regiment, but over time have expanded into a full division. Of course, this still makes them a small group within the internal Navy structure.   The highest rank a marine can aspire to is Lieutenant Colonel, which is roughly the equivalent of a Rear Admiral. Promotion after that requires promotion through the Navy Flag Officers ranks.  


Insignia Rank Level Uniform Pay per Annum Details

Private E-0

7*G/2*N/8*S Rank-and-file


of a gun crew

Corporal E-2

Artillery Commander

Sergeant E-3

of a squad


06a AIMC Sergeant Major Dress.png

10*G/9*N/2*S Protects the colours


05a AIMC Colour Sergeant Dress.png

36*G/4*N Commands a company,
3rd in Command
of a regiment


18*G/2*N Studies for command
minimum rank
for Star-Pilot

/ Ensign

29*G/1*N/2*S Carries the colours,
commands field forces
of the Brigade,
gives Lieutenant's
orders to the

Lieutenant O-2

32*G/7*N/6*S Commands foot
soldiers in the
Brigade, reports
to the Captain,
commands the

Captain O-3

53*G/5*N/8*Sp Does much of the
paperwork, recruiting
and training, may
command special forces,
reports to the
commands the

Major O-4

83*G/7*N/2*S 2nd-in-command
of battalion or


83*G/7*N/2*S Commands battalion
or regiment
*G=Galaxies (Platinum) / *N=Novae (Gold) / *S=Starbursts (Silver) / *Sp=Sparks (Copper)
Rank insignias created by Barbarossa Sparklebeard; used by permission. Uniforms created in HeroForge by Diane Morrison. All rights reserved.


The marines began as a division of the Avalonian Imperial Army before the Succession Wars . Initially, they were a few regiments of soldiers assigned to Navy ships to assist them with planetside warfare, and each unit was drafted into ship service until such time as they were no longer required, then disbanded. After the Succession Wars, the Imperial Army effectively ceased to exist, and the marines who had been assigned to ship duties were simply never disbanded. Without a unified army to call upon, the Navy began to rely more and more upon marines to serve in ground and shipboard combat, and when contact was lost with Avalon , the marines simply integrated with the Navy -- until such time as the Crown of the Stars is recovered and the Empire restored, of course.   By the beginning of the First Interstellar War (IW1), marines had become an integral part of every ship's crew. They were called upon with increasing frequency to interface and coordinate with the militaries of the nations the Navy acted to support, such as elven and gnomish national armies and planetary defense forces, or to train resistance fighters where necessary. The marines even began to experiment with Special Forces units, such as the "Bug-Men" and the Berserkers.   At the beginning of the Second Interstellar War (IW2), the marines are a ubiquitous part of the Navy structure, and can call upon several Special Forces units, such as the Black Arrows.

Demography and Population

Marines tend to come from, and to be regarded as being, of a lesser social status than their counterparts in the Navy. There is a greater average percentage of Nunnehi in the Marines than their are in the Navy itself, and far fewer Alfar or Ruaalfar. Upward mobility is significantly easier than it is in the Navy, however, since the Marines put a greater emphasis on deed over seniority, and action over status.
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From Starry Sea to Planetside

Founding Date
7 Rose Moon, 1235 AC
Military, Marine Corps
Alternative Names
AIMC, Toy Soldiers, Spacers
Training Level
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Parent Organization
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Author's Notes

Pay information taken from "Army: British Army Pay, Per Diem (1800)", accessed February 10, 2021.

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