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Second Interstellar War (IW2)

The defining conflict of the current era

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When everyone had fallen silent, the Admiral spoke. He was direct and to the point. “Seelie and goodfey... we are at war.”   A chorus of muttering and exclamations of surprise greeted these words.
A Few Good Elves by Diane Morrison
  The Second Interstellar War, abbreviated as IW2, is an armed conflict that has broken out between the Avalonian Empire and the Fomorian Empire in recent months. In violation of the conditions of the Treaty of Solstice, the Fomorian Forces returned to the stars in a fleet of fully-operational starfaring craft, and launched a surprise attack against an isolated elven colony.   The Fomorian Forces apparently appeared out of nowhere, and their initial attack was devastating. No one among the Avalonian leadership believed such a thing was even possible, since the Fomorians had been completely demilitarized centuries before by the Treaty of Solstice. Their surprise attack was disastrous for the Avalonian Forces, resulting in an overwhelming defeat.

The Conflict


The First Interstellar War (IW1), which was a massive conflict between the Fomorian nations of The Solstice Pact and the loyalist nations of the Avalonian Empire, broke out in 4611 AC (Year 86 Before the Founding in the Fomorian Calendar.) Long and savage hostilities eventually resulted in the unconditional surrender of most of the nations of the Solstice Pact in 4626 AC (Year 70 Before the Founding). However, the Dragan Syndicate never officially surrendered, and several fleets, including a few large fleets, one of the which was known to be under the command of Elatha, heir to Harakrryrrsû, disappeared, never to be seen again. The Pact nations signed the Treaty of Solstice, which forbade them access to starfaring technology as a condition of the surrender.   Hundreds of years of peace followed the banishment of the Fomorian forces from the spaceways. They would occasionally pop up from time to time as pirates or smugglers, but were generally thought to no longer present a threat. It is unknown whether this new aggressor is descended from the remnants of one of those "lost fleets," or if this represents something new.   The leadership, who call themselves "Balorians", claims a debt of vengeance owed to their ancestors in their official declaration of war, received by Star Command from the survivors of the first attacks. Their leader, Bres Bloodaxe , claims to be the High Chief of the "Fomorian Empire". Surviving witnesses claim that they are larger, possibly more intelligent Orcs than the Avalonians have previously been familiar with.


The Avalonian Imperial Navy has reactivated as many of its personnel as possible, and pressed them into service to defend the Core Worlds . The deployment of the Fomorian Navy is currently unknown.


With the battlefield being all of Known Space, it is almost impossible to locate every possible Fomorian presence. Many of the deployed elven ships include scouts and intelligence gathering forces as a result.

The Engagement

“At least three remote colony worlds – there may be more – which contained small Navy outposts have been conquered, initially by forces unknown. The most recent were in the Chrysalis System. Two survivors of that assault managed to escape in a fighter, outrun their pursuers, and make it back to Imperial Star Command.”   “Who did it, sir?” Garan called out from behind Shaundar’s head.   “The orcs,” said the Admiral with a bitter smile. “Who else?”
A Few Good Elves by Diane Morrison
  The opening salvos of the War were fired when the Bloodaxe Clan Fleet attacked the elven colony worlds of Chrysalis , Aireeanylyth , and Telaelather in the Chrysalis System . The colonies were almost completely wiped out, and their thin space defenses utterly broken.


The Second Interstellar War is still in its early stages, and the outcome remains uncertain.  

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Avalonian Imperial Crest
Fomorian Banner by Diane Morrison
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Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
3 Rose Moon, 5041 AC / 1st First-Month, Year 350 from the Founding (Fomorian Calendar)


Fomorian Empire

Led by


Ten system fleets, numbering approximately a thousand ships
Approximately 5600 elven spacers and marines
13 clan fleets, numbering approximately 1800 ships
Approximately 500 Fomorian spacers and marines



Stop the incursion of the Fomorian Forces, punish the breaking of the Treaty of Solstice, defend elven space
Restore Fomorian presence in the spaceways, break the stranglehold of the Avalonian Imperial Navy


  • Known Space
    The known star systems and wormholes in the universe, as explored by starfarers.

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