Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020 Describe the events of a conflict that started due to unusual or unforseen circumstances. | World Anvil | World Anvil

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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the events of a conflict that started due to unusual or unforseen circumstances.
A total of 277 entries

The Battle of the Ruined Breakfast

unusual conflict - desacrating an ancestral plant

SC2020 - The Last War / The War for the Core / The All War

The sectarian conflict between Westhaven and Alkar

The Civil War of The Sea (Conflict)

The Battle for Shinningholm Province

The accidental assassination of a king

Cult vs. Queen Na'Daer's Knights of the Wood

The Nana Betty Counterpane Insurrection

The Battle of Ardhead's Creek

The Ornithian Occupation of Kellumlund

Prompt 33: The Battle of the Chasm of Spears


The Feud between Lady Blackwood vs Lords Baltimore

The Capitalist Insurgency

The Destruction of Crossroads and the War of the 4 Corners

The Battle Of Coppervein Mountain

Kinyra Clsoing Their Boarders

The pierced foot incident

Battle at Redfort Island

The War of the Witch King

The Accidental Kidnapping of House Claude

The Great Merchantile Disruption

Death of the First Emperor

The Shadow War or Battle for Harino

The Fall of the Sun and Moon

L'Escarmouche de l'Estomac

The kidnap of the Impostor

The Human Eradication Incident

The Mystery of the Western Mountains of Zurican

Mathno Entheas-i mészárlás

Battle of Mistaken Identity

Battle of the Glendeiril Plains

Death of the Copper Splitters

Contest for the Subselar Boundary

Battle for the Great Library

The Great Mustache Fracas of 708

Rata Traryoi: Hunt for Peat Burners

Exodite Conquest of Cymbar

The Clash of Veterzemlian Clans [WASC2020]

The First Moniqan Invasion

La Payada del Huerto Comido, y como terminó

The great Aeqular Slirene cook off

The War of Flesh and Scale

Voidreaver and the church of the hidden one

The Phantom War of Material Ixthra

battle of fire and beasts

The War of the Orange Rose

War with the Dragon Lords